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Kidnap for Ransom Whitepaper

3 Mar 2021

Kidnapping is a cruel crime, not only for the victim, but also for the family members. Many victims and families continue to struggle with the psychological consequences long after their release, in this guide we examine the crime and review crisis management from different perspectives.

Kidnappings – an increasing and complex risk

This guide is intended to help affected families, companies and NGOs, but also brokers and insurers, to better understand this often misleading topic and to know which initial measures must be taken in the event of an abduction. We point out legal problems and shed light on the topic from different perspectives. We will also show you what needs to be considered when selecting an insurer and crisis response provider.

Within the whitepaper we cover;

  • Introduction to kidnappings and the types of kidnappings
  • Trends in kidnappings
  • Interview – Peter Moore about his long-term kidnapping
  • Aspects of legal Duty of Care in relation to kidnaps
  • Ransom payments to terrorists groups
  • The role of the response consultant in kidnap cases
  • Some of the most expensive kidnappings in history
  • Interview – A crisis response consultant
  • First actions in case of a possible kidnap
  • Interview – The perspective of a family member of a kidnap victim
  • The return of kidnap victims to normal life
  • The importance of prevention and risk mitigation
  • Our crisis response experience

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