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Detect and Respond to Cloud Application Risks

Real-time Threat Visibility
24/7 SOC
Managed Cloud Threat Response

Detect and respond to SaaS application threat with Cloud XDR

Solace Cyber Cloud XDR spots malicious activity and allows a quick response, before material damage is done to your business.

Developed in-house by our specialist cyber security team, Cloud XDR uses machine Learning and proprietary AI, combined with many years of experience in dealing with real-world breaches, allowing us to build a platform that extends our knowledge into your organisation, 24/7/365.

Azure and Microsoft 365

✓ Integration with all M365 & Azure alerts

✓  Microsoft mail flow security benchmarking

✓ Protect and secure any application that makes use of Azure Active Directory

✓ Ingest Azure, M365 & EDR logs

✓ Extend your Azure Audit Log retention to 12 months, with management & search

✓ Azure application sign in risks

Geographical Abnormalities

✓ Location of all logins checked against expected login locations data to identify anomalies

✓ ‘Impossible’ travel scenarios for user logins

✓ Successful login request from known malicious IP addresses and user agents

✓ Mail forwarding rules analysis

✓ Cloud application malicious sign-ins

✓ Customised rules and integration with your business

Continual Monitoring

✓ IP reputational risk

✓ Phishing alerts and risks

✓ Geographic risk, informed by real-time threat intelligence feeds

✓ Integrations with external risk API’s

✓ User behaviours that indicate malicious activity

Malicious Alerting

✓ Malicious inbox rules

✓ Malicious IP and identity detections

✓ World Graph Map – locate where login’s originate from in real-time

✓ Phishing detection and reporting, enabling your users as a source of threat intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence

✓  Actionable threat intelligence specific to your organisation

✓ Threat alerts and recommendations

✓ Backed up by threat research team, providing manual intelligence into the platform.

Customise your platform

The platform has been developed in-house, this gives us the flexibility to integrate almost anything that has an API – including your own bespoke toolsets. Technology should be universally accessible, so the Realtime Risk Platform and Cloud XDR can work as part of a Solace Cyber Realtime Risk Platform supplied ecosystem, or integrate with your existing security vendors.

Server room

Real-time risk score

Cloud XDR works in conjunction with the Real-time Risk Platform, this presents a weighted risk percentage score based on the monitored areas of your Azure AD instance and Cloud applications.

The technology will proactively find ways to improve your score, with easy access to Solace Cyber to understand any investment required.

Equally, any regressions in your security posture due to new risks will also be identified – so you can remediate known weaknesses faster.

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Functionality Matrix

Solace Cyber Real-time Risk PlatformSolace Cyber Cloud XDR
Azure Identity MFA Status
M365 Mail Flow Hardening (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)
M365 Secure Score Status & Recommendations
M365 Alerts
Azure Alerts
EDR Alerts (FortiEDR, MS Defender for Endpoint)
Global Ransomware Search
Dark Web Credential Leak
Supply Chain Security
Brand Protection
Cloud XDR 30 day report
Cloud XDR Microsoft 365 real-time alerts
Cloud XDR Azure Web Application real-time alerts
Cloud XDR Azure Active Directory real-time alerts
Cloud XDR Exchange Online real-time alerts
24/7/365 Managed SOC Service

Solace Cyber meets the UK’s highest cyber security standards, offering first-class incident response support and recovery.

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