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Managed Security Patching

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Many individuals fail to adequately patch their endpoints, particularly when it comes to third-party applications. This can become a critical component in cyber security insurance claims being denied.

If you don’t stay up to date with patching, your cyber insurance may not provide coverage in the event of an attack. To help address this challenge, Solace Cyber has developed a toolset to manage your company’s endpoints. What’s more, our team of cyber security specialists can take care of the patching in-house, saving you time and money.

The Solace Cyber Managed Security Patching Service includes:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Security Patching
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Solace Security Advocate
  • Service Reporting

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Pain-free Patching

Solace Cyber has developed a Managed Security Patching Service to reduce & mitigate security risks by regularly updating endpoints and servers.

This service is designed to protect your systems by automatically checking the current security patch levels of your assets in our CMDB, against the latest vendors patching security updates. 

Service Features

Solace Cyber Managed Security Patching is powered by Market leading N-able™ N-central®.

The advanced patch management module allows you to patch Microsoft® applications and platforms as well as third-party software, such as Java® and Adobe®.

Granular patch approval

Patches can be allowed or blocked by device, patch, or keyword, and approved automatically as they are detected. Patches can even be delayed for approval to allow for testing prior to full-scale deployment.

Powerful reports

Access reports that show the current patch levels of your business’ devices and get visibility into what patch-related activities have been performed.

Bandwidth optimisation

Accessed via probe caching, updates needed in the network are downloaded once and cached locally.

Agent-based patch discovery and installation

Enjoy stable, flexible, and simplified patching in an environment free of complex infrastructures such as WSUS.

Profile-based configuration

We manage your patch configuration for your entire IT environment from a single, unified dashboard.

Flexible scheduling options

We can set patching windows to update software without disrupting your employees during times of high productivity.

Rich monitoring

Gain deep insight into approved, unapproved, pending, and failed patching efforts with advanced patch monitoring.

Service Benefits

Patching your system takes time and without suitable resources, it can significantly impact productivity. Particularly if you’re overseeing multiple workstations and servers. Managing patches can become complicated and may result in slow performance and security risks. This is where the Solace Cyber Patch Management Service can help.

  • Reduce time in deploying and installing patches by specifying when automated reboots should occur.
  • Eliminate complexity by approving or declining patches at the patch, device, or group level.
  • Conserve bandwidth consumption with our optimized patch-management architecture
  • Justify investments and demonstrate value to management/stakeholders by leveraging advanced reporting capabilities.

Managed Cyber Security Services From Solace

Solace Cyber meets the UK’s highest cyber security standards, offering first-class incident response support and recovery.

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