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Intelligence for Business Travel: Country Risk Reports

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Safeguard your team with intelligence before they travel

The stakes are higher when we become complacent to threats – don’t assume because you’re travelling to a country deemed ‘safe’ that no risk is present.

Prepare your people with the latest intelligence reports, that contain situational analysis about cultural norms, political sensitivities, natural risks and manmade threats, so they’re ready to react when a risk becomes reality.  

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Intelligence to prepare for every travel risk

Our intelligence and advisory solutions help you prepare for any eventuality and arm your staff with the knowledge to react to crisis.

Whether you need a risk assessment to operate in a new location, or the latest intelligence to keep your staff aware of the latest country risks, our team of travel risk specialists help ensure you fulfil your duty of care to employees.

Intelligence & Advisory Services

A robust travel risk management plan 

Take the necessary precautions so your people enjoy a safe and successful trip.

As a global security company, our in-house travel risk intelligence team help you mitigate risk with: 

Business travel intelligence

Interactive country reports to detail the latest global intelligence on political instability, armed conflict threat, terrorism, crime, civil unrest, health, environment, travel and maritime threats. 

Bespoke travel security advice

Detailed reports highlight potential threats or additional precautionary tactics that individuals may need to take during their business trip.  

COVID-19 travel awareness

Timely information on the latest travel guidance for COVID-19, including country entry requirements, local lockdowns and other restrictions. 

Preparation before you travel

Pre-travel briefings to inform employees about the local customs, culture and traditions in their destination to help them acclimatise quickly. 

Additional tracking functionality

The tools to track your people, vehicles, vessels, and assets once they reach their destinationand notify you any significant incidents near to their location.  

Streamline risk management processes

Automated reports generated through our travel risk app, Solace Secure, to enable a faster response during times of crisis by pinpointing where your people are and if they’re affected. 

Free intelligence

Additionally, if you subscribe to our latest intelligence reports you will receive free detailed advisory notes following a significant event that could impact people’s safety 

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