Get employees to safety in a crisis or natural disaster

Emergency evacuation and repatriation

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Monitoring 24/7

Business trip management for unexpected travel risks

We’re always ready to act and deal with the unexpected.

From medical repatriation following a natural disaster, to extractions where trouble has erupted unexpectedly, actions based on the latest intelligence reports, political instability, global pandemics, and kidnap crisis response – allow your people to enter an unfamiliar destination knowing you will always get them back home.  

We’ll get your people home safely

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You can’t see every travel risk coming – but that shouldn’t stop you being prepared

Climate change has significantly impacted operations. Drought, wildfires, desertification, natural disasters and extreme weather events are on the rise. Discover how to plan for those risks before they impact your business.


The basics of crisis management

Help your people prepare for what to do in the event of an emergency – before they travel. 

Imagine you’ve sent Chris to a conference in California. It may be known as ‘The Golden State’, but it’s also the most fire-prone state in the US – wildfires double year-on-year as a direct result of climate change. You want Chris to feel confident while travelling, so you sign up for Solace Secure: 


Before he travels we brief him on his destination.


During the trip the app keeps him updated to nearby risks.

Traveller Tracking

In the event a wildfire erupts and knocks out phonelines, we can track him via GPS.

Crisis Support

If the threat escalates, we can trigger an evacuation to get him home safely. 

Rapid response travel security 

Our dedicated team is always on-call – ready to respond to your needs anytime, anywhere – to minimise the impact of your emergency. Our crisis response services include:  

Pre-travel planning

For cultural sensitivities, geographical issues and political instability, to help your people make safer choices when they visit unfamiliar destinations. 

Prepare your people before they travel
Travel risk management software

Near real-time alerts through our travel risk management technology platform – Solace Secure which allow us to take action before the news hits the headlines. 

Mitigate travel risk with Solace Secure
24/7 security operations centre

The analysts at our 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre triage every emergency to ensure a quick and appropriate response is made by experienced personnel. 

Provide around the clock assistance for travellers
In-country security support

In the event of an incident, we can assist with in-country support, secure transportation, and if necessary, full evacuation. 

Get enhanced security for your travellers
Specialist support

Our in-house security specialists can intervene in more complex emergencies, like kidnap for ransom, to facilitate the release of your people. 

Be there for your travellers in a crisis
Full medical assistance

Through our specialist partners we provide full medical assistance to move patients to approved facilities, support repatriation, and assist with claims management. 

Discover combined Medical and Security Services

Crisis and Disaster Management for

Crisis response to Hurricane Maria

The hurricane caused devastation to the Caribbean, which resulted in increased crime, destroyed transport infrastructure, and enforced curfews. A British employee, who had travelled to the British Virgin Islands to help, was initially supported by our close protection team to provide secure transport. But when his health rapidly deteriorated overnight, our team escorted him straight to hospital and arranged for the medevac back to the UK.

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