Cyber Security Incident Response Team

Prepare for a Data Breach with a Proven Cyber Security Strategy

Leaders in data recovery following a cyber security breach

Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) are a team of highly experienced technical experts here to help you recover in the event of a cyber security attack and data breach.

Our CSIRT team will guide you through the entire cyber incident response, from an initial incident assessment, through to an entire business recovery – all while minimising business disruption, reputational damage and restoring service as rapidly as possible.

Gain access to our team and a cyber security incident response plan free of charge.


100’s of major security incidents recovered


100% approval of ICO submissions


We provide the tools to respond promptly to a breach

Client Success

“I have a longstanding business relationship with a number of the key Solace personnel, including two directors, they always delivered for me in the past so asking them to de-risk my business was a no brainer”


Security Incident Response Team Features

Taking proactive steps to prepare for a security breach means you have the best chance of recovering from a cyber attack.

24/7 Access to Security Operations Centre

The CSIRT team is available around the clock in the event of a data breach.

Our team will work until the severity of the breach is ascertained. Once the security incident is fully understood, the breach will be contained to prevent further contamination.

Digital Forensics and Root Cause

Solace Cyber can perform all digital forensics and root cause investigations. This can support any data breach submissions to the ICO and help take remedial action.

GDPR and ICO Submissions

We have helped 100’s of businesses with ICO data loss analyses. Solace Cyber has a 100% success rate of closed cases for ICO submission reports. We have specialist PII tools that keep costs low while ensuring maximum accuracy.

Access to MDR and Cloud XDR service

Solace Cyber will make available our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) and Managed Cloud XDR protections for the duration of the data breach to ensure your business is protected.

Consultancy and Security Incident Counselling

If you have been affected by a security breach and believe that the liability lies with someone else, we can help. We collaborate closely with insurance providers, understanding their assessment criteria and incorporating this into strategic decision-making.

This process helps mitigate loss and ensures you receive the business outcomes you desire.

Meet the CSIRT team

Paul Cashmore

Managing Director

Paul has over 20 years experience in organically building technology service organisations to a global scale. Prior to co-founding Solace Cyber, Paul was responsible for directing a department of 250 technical delivery staff for a £240m+ converged IT service provider. Paul is renowned for his ability to create effective, cost efficient and results-driven services.

Craig Stirling

Chief Technology Officer

Craig learned his craft via 20+ years running enterprise security services and cyber forensic investigations at IBM, Craig is one of the UK’s finest cyber security scientists with over 50 patented novel technologies and 100+ novel whitepapers. He is responsible for the development and continued maturity of the only end-to-end managed security portfolio, outside the enterprise service provider space in the UK.

Lee Snyder

Operations Director

Lee is responsible for the operational execution of day-to-day activities. Lee takes a pragmatic and systematic approach to all aspects of his role, the output being a streamlined and accurate organisation with an almost negligible error rate. Lee endeavours to drive perfection at all times through consistent standards.

Peter Jackson

Cloud Security Director

Peter is the creative brains of Solace Cyber, responsible for orchestrating the creation of the Solace Cyber Realtime Risk Platform, Threat Intelligence and Cloud XDR offerings. Peter often provides the catalyst for new ideas which are then developed by the wider team. Prior to joining Solace Cyber, Peter worked with the other directors at a converged IT service provider and was responsible for the creation and integration of all end-to-end service systems. Using Peter’s talents, Solace Cyber will continue to develop technologies that allow customers to mitigate cyber risks at a fraction of market rates.

Solace Cyber meets the UK’s highest cyber security standards, offering first-class incident response support and recovery.

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