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17 March

Cyber Security Alert: Outlook Zero Day Exploit

Microsoft Outlook has a critical vulnerability Critical 9.8 (CVSSv3) that requires zero interaction to be successful. Microsoft has released a patch for Outlook. Threat Name: CVE-2023-23397 Risk Factor: Critical Date: April 2023 Get help now Solace Cyber security specialists can secure your estate with patching and conduct forensic analysis What we know so far about Microsoft Outlook […]

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06 February

Alert Plus: Multiple Large Earthquakes Strike Southern Turkey

Situation Summary: Large Earthquakes in Southern Turkey At 01:17 (UTC) on 6 February, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake was detected 30km west-northwest of Gaziantep, Turkey (37°10’26.4″N 37°01’55.2″E). The earthquake struck at a depth of 24.1km and it quickly became apparent that a significant amount of casualties and damage had occurred in Turkey and northern Syria. There have been several substantial […]

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11 January

Alert Plus: Paris Stabbing Attack At Gare du Nord Station

Situation Summary At around 06:45 local time on 11 January 2023, several people were injured after a lone individual attacked commuters at the Gare du Nord train station in Paris, France. Those present during the incident suggested that the attacker was targeting passengers indiscriminately. Police officers responding to the incident reportedly fired several shots at […]

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24 November

Alert Plus: Jerusalem Explosions

Situation Summary On 23 November at around 07:00 to 07:30 local time, two explosions impacted the city of Jerusalem. Both explosions occurred at bus stops located in the Givat Shaul (stop ID: 647) and Ramot Junction (stop ID: 4009) entrances to the city. The geolocated site of the Givat Shaul explosion is situated less than […]

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