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12 July

Global Intelligence Summary: 12/07/2024

Executive Summary AMER EMEA APAC Canada: Canada to treble submarine fleet to protect the Arctic Haiti: Gangs declare “war” as Kenya forces make early progress Equator: La Niña weather system has a high chance of developing in August Europe-wide: US bases placed on high alert due to Russian sabotage Germany: US exposes Russian plot to […]

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10 July

Travel Risk Management for Paris Olympics 2024

A Complete Security Software and Intelligence Package As the world turns its gaze to the Paris Olympics 2024, excitement builds for a summer of sport across the French capital. However, it also brings a complex array of security challenges and potential risks that should be closely monitored. Heightened geopolitical tensions and terror threats are just […]

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05 July

Global Intelligence Summary: 05/07/2024

Executive Summary AMER EMEA APAC Haiti: Gangs accelerate anti-police attacks after UN mission arrival Caribbean Region: Hurricane Beryl causes widespread destruction Red Sea and Gulf of Aden: Putin considers arming the Houthis Somalia: ISSP leader revealed as possible IS Caliph Nigeria: Four coordinated suicide bombings in Boko Haram heartland India: Stampede at “godman” event kills […]

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02 July

Possible Unrest in Catalonia Amidst Amnesty Controversy

Political Tensions in Catalonia: Amnesty Decisions Spark Criticism Intelligence cut off: 13:00 GMT 2nd of July 2024 On July 2nd, the Barcelona Provincial Court granted amnesty to 46 national police officers who faced charges stemming from their role in quelling protests during the October 1st, 2017 Catalonian independence referendum. This decision contrasts sharply with the […]

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