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A ‘people first’ approach to operational resilience

Whether your people are away on a business trip or operating on hybrid working model – you have a moral, ethical and legal duty of care to protect them.

Your people are your most important ‘asset’ – reassure them that they are always in safe hands, with tools in place to succeed anywhere around the world.  

Our team of in-house global security specialists are always on hand to help – focussed on what’s best for you, your business and its people, diligent in how we assimilate the latest intelligence reports, and dedicated to taking care of you the same way we care for our own people.

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Protecting your organisation

“It gives us what we need, most importantly it provides us with an emergency point of contact for the away working team outside of our office hours. It is very rare to introduce a product or service and have no complaints whatsoever, which says something about your product and service.”

International Motor Yacht Manufacturer

A tailored approach to travel risk management

No two businesses are ever the same, which is why a plan that fits one company may not suit another.

You need a bespoke travel risk management plan that is specific to your business and your people, and covers: 

Risk overwatch
  • Proactively monitor global incidents by drawing security intelligence from Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools, on the ground Human Intelligence (HUMINT) , social media scraping and government sources.
  • Regular check-ins to ensure your people are safe and well and an ‘SOS’ emergency alarm they can trigger for an immediate response. 
  • A dedicated number to call with bespoke response processes to provide additional reassurance that your people remain protected. 
Account for personnel
  • Complete oversight of where your people are in the world, so you can take proportionate action quickly
  • Be one step ahead of the wider media, be notified of local risks that could affect your staff as it happens.
  • Streamline alerting and tailor notifications based on severity or type of risk, so you get clarity on the global risks that require your attention.
Automated process
  • The ability to stay connected to your people and remain in control of their trip with instant alerts to emerging threats. 
  • Real-time security intelligence to provide timely updates as any situation unfolds, so appropriate action can be taken. 
  • An audit trail of every pre-travel security briefing, so if an incident does occur, you have the supporting documentation to prove your pre-travel duty of care. 
Crisis support
  • The ability to operate globally with ‘feet on the ground’ in many locations – whether through your travel risk management provider, or a vetted third-party security partner. 
  • In-country support services, including secure transportation and if necessary, full evacuation so your people can always get home.  
  • In-house specialists that are experienced in how to deal with potentially fractious incidents, such as kidnap for ransom, or political unrest. 
Business continuity
  • Access to travel security specialists who are available to augment your team – either as standalone support or to enhance your own capabilities when required. 
  • Cover the whole spectrum of travel risk management services – from global intelligence to political risk research, a journey management plan, travel tracker app, and crisis response. 
  • Service features that are developed based on client feedback, so you get what you really need – not what a provider thinks you want. 
Medical assistance
  • This could be included with pre-travel briefings in-case your people require certain vaccinations before entry to a country is granted. 
  • In the event of an in-country incident, the ability to provide full medical assistance, including moving patients to approved facilities, and supporting repatriation. 
  • Once your people are safely back home, assisting you with claims management to recoup any costs incurred. 
Damage limitation
  • Country reports with information on political instability, armed conflict, terrorism, crime, civil unrest, health, environment, travel, cultural sensitivities and emergency contact information.  
  • Regularly updated pre-travel advisories that detail additional country risks, such as cultural sensitivities and what to expect when they reach their destination. 
  • The offer to produce bespoke reports to match your people’s travel itinerary and their specific location.  

Exceptional services to support your duty of care

You know your business and we know business travel security, which is why our approach is grounded in collaboration and communication.

Our ISO 9001:2015 – 5.1.2 certification is testament to our commitment to customer focus. We empower and enable you to operate globally – both safely and compliantly – while never losing sight that your peoples’ safety is our priority. 

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