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Crest and PCI-Affiliated Penetration Tests

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Stay one step ahead of cyber criminals

Our testing is true penetration testing; it will seek to exploit your vulnerabilities and measure how far a malicious actor would penetrate your IT infrastructure – it is not just vulnerability scanning which is common across the industry.

We utilise a highly respected 3rd party CREST Approved Penetration Testing Team to deliver our penetration tests and PCI/DSS tests. Our service includes a strategic post-test review to understand and agree any follow up actions.

The penetration tests are delivered with the option for customers to view the tests in real-time in order to provide insight into how a true hacker may behave when looking to compromise a corporate network.

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Types of penetration testing available

Our services cover all types of Penetration Testing including, but not limited to: 
  • API and Backend Systems 
  • Infrastructure – Internal, External & Cloud Penetration Tests 
  • Mobile Applications – Android, iOS & Windows 
  • PCI-DSS affiliated vulnerability scans 
  • Physical 
  • Remote Access & VPN Systems 
  • Social Engineering 
  • Web Applications – from Blogs to Ecommerce 
  • Remote Working Assessments  
  • IoT Penetration Testing 

Solace Cyber meets the UK’s highest cyber security standards, offering first-class incident response support and recovery.

Uncover cyber security vulnerabilities

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