Give users secure access, wherever they are

Secure Edge Capability for Remote Workers

Reduce the risk of a data breach from hybrid working.

Information security shouldn’t be compromised by workers outside of your organisation – and any access to company data outside of the on-premises network is a cyber risk.

Secure Edge supports remote and hybrid working, giving employees secure access wherever they are.

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Recognised by Gartner®

FortiNet recognised in the 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Single-Vendor SASE

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Seamless and secure end-user experience.

Solace Cyber Secure Edge & Remote Worker Security solutions manage your network perimeter, as well as every corporate endpoint, that have access.

This complete security solution covers management of perimeter infrastructure, such as firewalls and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) products.

Fortinet: Flexible and Intuitive

Fortinet are the chosen technology partner due to their natively-integrated network and security fabric. Solace Cyber can adopt existing Fortinet assets, if this is already in place, or build a tailored solution from scratch.

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Secure every endpoint for remote workers

Unified Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

We simplify building unified ZTNA policies across your entire managed estate, firewall to endpoint. Extend policies configured on the corporate firewalls to the endpoint devices.

Access is automatically granted or revoked in real-time, and on a per-resource basis, ensuring that users only have access to what they need, when needed and only if they do not present a risk.

Ongoing support is at hand, with policies managed by Solace Cyber to ensure you meet cyber security best practices.

Full visibility with Endpoint Management

Configure secure remote access, vulnerability management, web filtering, policy enforcement – all from a centralised management console.

This is managed and controlled by our 24/7/365 UK based Security Operations Centre.

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

Combine real-time threat alerts, learned pattern behaviours and AI driven responses to automate the majority of security operations.

Solace Cyber’s SOAR ecosystem intelligently predicts cyber threats before they happen, stopping them from causing damage and takes appropriate action – all without disrupting business operations.

Automated investigation will take place when a threat is identified. Remove unnecessary alerting, receive reports detailing prevented threats.


Next Generation Firewall Management

A properly managed firewall is your first line of defence against cyber threats and works in harmony with the rest of your security fabric.

A next generation firewall will not only block known threats, but inspect traffic to spot malicious intent and block it before it has a chance to reach your business.

Firewall Management encompasses all firewall facets related to security. From the maintenance of policies to ensuring the continual update of security patches, our managed firewall services guarantees that no cyber breaches are a result of firewall mis-management.

Solace Cyber meets the UK’s highest cyber security standards, offering first-class incident response support and recovery.

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