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Enhanced risk management strategy for high-risk areas

Risk management becomes more complex when operating in areas of armed conflict or post-conflict, remote locations, and areas with low governance and failed states.

InSIGHT (Security / Intelligence / Guidance / Help / Tracking) gives your travellers an extra layer of security to travellers that are exposed to additional risks.

As a trusted supplier, we have extensive experience providing security solutions that supports your duty of care and enables your travellers to complete their duties securely.

A comprehensive risk management solution for high-risk areas

Security Operations Team

Successful Operations in Ukraine Russia Conflict

‘Thank you so much for taking such amazing care of our travellers. Great work security team, thank you’

Security ManagerGlobal Media Corporation
Security personnel in Ukraine war

Your Partner for Comprehensive Risk Management

We manage the full security lifecycle, from initial security strategy, protection on-the-ground and ongoing overwatch, with advanced risk management software to support compliance and reporting.

Solace Global has unrivaled expertise protecting leading organisations in the NGO, film crews, mining, oil and gas industry.

From discrete journey management on the ground, to additional security overwatch and real-time incident communication from our 24/7 security operations centre, trust us to safeguard your production in high-risk locations.

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Trusted country risk intelligence

Bespoke intelligence reports are built around your operational requirements to give you clarity of risk levels for specific locations, events, operations or journeys.

Risk Intelligence Services
Travel risk management software

Solace Secure is a purpose-built software platform that tracks individuals, facilities and assets.  It overlays security alerts, threat levels, traveller locations to provide your team with an effective incident control tool. The platform pinpoints a travellers location through the mobile app and can be integrated with GPS devices, and if an incident should occur, users can raise an immediate SOS to our 24/7 security operations centre.

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InSIGHT enhanced monitoring

InSIGHT (Security / Intelligence /Guidance / Help / Tracking) ensures your people and assets are in constant view of the Solace 24/7 response team. Our enhanced monitoring service will check in with your personnel at pre-agreed times, monitor your personnel and assets for you, and respond to vicinity risks and incidents. If a scheduled check-in is missed, we follow your protocol to alert  to help quickly manage a potential incident.

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Low profile security personnel

Our global partner network provides low profile and light touch security solutions for teams visiting challenging, high risk or remote locations. Our journey management services are supported by a global team of over 300+ security specialists, who are subject to stringent vetting procedures to ensure the highest standards of security.

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Security drivers and vehicles

Facilitate the safe, controlled, proportionate and monitored movement of personnel in a country where travel poses an elevated risk, or the personnel themselves are high profile. As well as moving personnel safely, evacuations can be made from countries that have been hit by a severe natural disaster and where road moves are unsafe, right through to extracting from conflict zones and countries where trouble has erupted unexpectedly, trapping travellers in an unstable and unsafe location.

Mitigate journey risk
Evacuation planning

Get your people to safety with security and medical evacuations, even in the most challenging circumstances. Our experienced team of risk management specialists has helped to evacuate travellers in the aftermath of hurricanes, military coups and during deadly clashes between rebels and government troops.

Help your people reach safety


Security for media teams filming drugs documentary

Narco Wars follows the illegal narcotics trade and those within the drugs cartels. Solace enabled the media crews to operate securely in a high risk location across Central and South America.

By providing security teams and discrete vehicles to facilitate the safe movement of staff, with support from traveller tracking app Solace Secure and overwatch monitoring from our 24/7 Security Operations Centre.

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Certified Risk Management Processes

Our processes, security personnel and technology are vetted to the highest standards for complete peace of mind.

ISO 27001 Certified

Information Security

ISO 9001 Certified

Quality Management Systems

ISO 14001 Certified

Environmental Management

ISO 45001 Certified

Occupational Health and Safety

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