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Global security and threat intelligence

Risk intelligence to protect your employees and facilities

Arm yourself with the knowledge to avoid a potential threat from turning into a crisis. Intelligence advisories give you tailored reports to anticipate possible disruptions, mitigate risk and help you make well-informed decisions, faster.

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This is really good. It’s great to see the reports in a format where they’ll be more widely used, and I never knew the content was that high quality.

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Risk intelligence for better business decisions

Global corporations, NGO’s, governmental organisation and private clients trust us to arm them with the information to enhance their decision making.

Pre-Travel Advisories

Interactive country reports detail the current situation and provide forward thinking analysis on political instability, armed conflict threat, terrorism, crime, civil unrest, health, environment, travel and maritime threats.

Trigger Documents

Understand indicators and warnings for potential courses of action. We have extensive experience supplying tailored trigger documents to monitor rapidly changing situations, such as conflicts in Ukraine and Ethiopia.

Bespoke Intelligence Reports

Gain clarity of risk levels for specific locations, events, operations or journeys. Each report is built on your operational requirements, including crime, terrorism, environmental, health or armed conflict.

Risk Assessments

For organisations operating in higher risk locations, we can assist in supporting your business strategy and make well informed business decisions for go or no go situations.

Weekly Risk Roundup

A compact weekly report that highlights major risk events from the previous week, to help you understand the global risk landscape quickly.


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The analytical capability of our intelligence team has a strong grounding in military and academia backgrounds, providing concise and knowledgeable assessments on a wide range of threats. Supported by our 24/7/365 security operations centre and global security network, we use both protected and open source reporting, to deliver trusted reports that build business resilience against the global threat landscape.

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