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The Incident Response Team are accessible 24/7/365 and available for travel to site anywhere in the UK. 

Solace Cyber will take ownership of the entire breach recovery. Initial controls, digital forensics, root cause, risk mitigations, data loss investigations, guidance on submission of reports to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and business recovery, including total IT infrastructure rebuild if required.

  • Wealth of Experience: 100’s of major security incidents recovered
  • Proven Success: 100% approval of ICO submissions
  • Immediate Response: We provide you with the tools to respond promptly to a data security breach

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Ransomware recovery stages

Once a security incident or data breach is established, the following 7 processes will define the Cyber Security Incident Response Plan:

1. Controlling the attack

Solace Cyber will safely control the network ensuring forensic evidence is preserved and the ransomware spread is prevented where possible. The ransomware controlling process, command and control centre will be found and controlled.

2. Risk mitigations

Solace Cyber will turn on our complimentary Cloud XDR solution and control any risks across the Microsoft 365 and Azure estates. We also provide complimentary Endpoint Detection & Response software for the duration of the recovery and our Real-time Risk Platform, all wrapped with our 24/7 SOC service.

3. Root cause and digital forensics

Digital forensics and analysis will help to determine the root cause where possible and the timeline of events within the attack. This is essential as ransomware can lie within the estate for many weeks or months, and data encryption is the last phase. Restores need to take place prior to malicious entry, not just the day before encryption.

4. Infrastructure recovery

Solace Cyber can perform all infrastructure restoration or rebuild requirements.

5. Data loss investigations

Solace Cyber have specialist AI, automation and tools to analyse data loss categories and risks. We can also guide on all ICO requirements if data has been successfully extracted by the ransomware attack groups.

6. Security hardening

The Solace Cyber Real-time Risk Platform will identify all gaps in the security posture. During the recovery process we can transform the security posture to ensure reinfection does not occur.

7. Reporting and lessons learnt

Solace Cyber will provide full forensic and infrastructure reports and help to produce any ICO reports. To conclude the recovery process we will host a session offering a full presentation of data and lessons learnt.


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100% approval of ICO submissions


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Client Success

“Having fallen victim to a ransomware attack in early 2022 Solace Cyber came in identifying and neutralising the malicious activity within 24 hours. Solace then helped rebuild our entire infrastructure, mostly from scratch due to compromised backups, and got our business back to pre-attack functionality within four weeks. They now monitor and protect our estate 24/7.

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Included in the data recovery process

Solace Cyber meets the UK’s highest cyber security standards, offering first-class incident response support and recovery.

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