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Solace Secure: Travel risk management software

Give your people peace of mind when they travel for work, so they remain focused on the job at hand. We mitigate risks, manage incidents if they occur, and support your people with security advice or help in a crisis. 

With Solace Secure you have everything you need to provide safe passage on a global scale.

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The Three Pillars Of Protection

Mitigate risk for your travelling staff

How Solace Secure helps travel managers and heads of security

Ensure business continuity compliance and fulfil your duty of care when planning and managing business travel through one platform – built by our in-house risk management experts, backed by our in-house intelligence analysts, and containing up-to-date, accurate information.

How Solace Secure helps travel managers and heads of security
How Solace Secure supports business travellers

Give your people a pocket-sized travel companion with the Solace Secure app – compatible with Android devices, iPhones, and Apple Watch, as well as with what3words so you can pinpoint precise locations.

How Solace Secure helps business travellers
COVID-19 TripCheck

Simplify your travel planning process with Trip Check. Enter your arrival and departure airport and get the latest testing, vaccine and documentation requirements to travel.

How Solace Secure helps you plan around COVID-19
Enhanced traveller monitoring

Go one step further with our enhanced monitoring add-on service. Our response team will proactively monitor your people and assets 24/7 with InSIGHT (Security / Intelligence /Guidance / Help / Tracking.) This helps to protect your duty of care, particularly for teams travelling to high and severe risk locations.

Protect travellers in high risk locations

Extremely flexible and user-friendly

“We have found Solace Secure and its location monitoring capability to be a critical tool in keeping apprised of security developments that could impact our people and facilities. It is extremely flexible and user-friendly; the value proposition is hard to beat.”

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informed, aware

Fulfil your duty of care to employees who are away on business with our expertly built platform – Solace Secure.

Available anytime, anywhere, you can always locate your personnel, receive real-time risk alerts, and access critical information to respond to incidents. 

As standard, Solace Secure offers a suite of benefits including:

When planning travel;

  • Draw upon reliable security intelligence about different destinations to make informed decisions that reduce and manage risk.
  • Set custom alerts that support your travel policies at the point of booking, when there’s time to make changes, then easily view/add/edit travel itineraries.
  • Maintain an audit trail of every pre-travel security briefing, so if an incident does occur, you have the supporting documentation to prove your pre-travel duty of care.

During the trip;

  • See at-a-glance where in the world your people are (from booked travel right through to in app check-ins and tracking functions), along with the latest security information for each location.
  • Stay one-step ahead of the news with near real-time alerts about unfolding security threats and significant health risks, such as Ebola and COVID-19.
  • Keep relevant, up-to-date information at your fingertips through customised and automated reports.

Protect your travellers with peace of mind

Give your people a pocket-sized travel companion with the Solace Secure app – compatible with Android devices, iPhones, and Apple Watch, as well as with what3words so you can pinpoint precise locations.

As standard, Solace Secure provides travellers with knowledge of:

  • What to expect – not just about their destination, but the culture too – with pre-travel briefings, so when they land the focus is on how to make the trip a success.
  • Risk mitigation actions that are required – based on near real-time security updates, to help them avoid emerging risks.
  • Someone looking out for you – If a high or severe alert is near to a traveller location, our response team will take action to reach out and confirm their safety.
  • Always being on our radar – even without a phone signal. Additional GPS tracking devices can be integrated, which aren’t reliant on an internet connection.
  • An immediate security response – available anytime, anywhere – through the SOS Emergency Alert button in the app, Apple Watch, Siri and iOS widget.
  • Assistance, 24/7/365 – Get security advice, assistance, emergency evacuation and more, using the handy Call for Assistance button.
Travel risk management app

Travel with confidence during COVID-19

COVID-19 travel guidance is constantly updated, differs between destinations, and is never as straight-forward as just taking a test.

Keep your planning process simple and smooth with Solace Secure’s newest feature: Trip Check. We do the hard bit of tracking down the tiny details for each destination so you’re free to focus on how to make each trip a big success.

For every destination Trip Check provides timely information on:

  • The correct documents required for entry into each country.
  • Any quarantine requirements to comply with upon entry.
  • Current testing and vaccine protocols.
  • The COVID-19 risk rating, as well as any local lockdowns or other restrictions.

Safer travel.
Easier management.
Greater peace of mind.

The best way to see how Solace Secure makes travel risk management more secure, straightforward, and policy-compliant, is to experience it for yourself. Book a demo and we will show you how it would work for your business. Then, try it yourself, free, for 7-days.