Solace Global Risk Supports Narco Wars

In a new 10-part documentary series, Narco Wars explores the rise of drug trafficking and the accompanied violence among drug cartels.
The series, filmed across Latin America, looks at the illegal drug trade both past and present, examining both why and what this means for the war against drugs.

Solace Global Risk understands the inherent risks faced by film crews, not only in countries of a moderate and high-risk level, but also from the risks that arise with the nature of this topic and operations which are being conducted. Therefore, the need for an appropriate and discreet solution that allowed for little impact on operations, was paramount.

With filming crews in need of discretion, Solace Global Risk provided yet another successful enhanced monitoring and support service that included the provision of (inSIGHT) services*, including pro-actively communicating real-time vicinity incidents and tracking of the teams movements. The team had scheduled check in’s and a comprehensive response protocol plan. This proactive capability, along with access to Solace Global Risk’s tracking platform, Solace Secure, provided the team with vital intelligence to mitigate the risks they faced whilst filming.

Using our overwatch monitoring tool on Solace Secure, our response team were able to monitor the crews regular check in’s. Automated reminders were in place for those in-country to assist  them to check in on time, while our team had eyes on their check in’s 24/7, being able to begin response procedures immediately should anything go amiss.

*inSIGHT (Security/Intelligence/Guidance/Help/Tracking) ensures your people and assets are in constant view of the Solace 24/7 response team. Our pro-active monitoring service will monitor your personnel and assets for you and respond to vicinity risks and incidents. InSIGHT forms part of our Protect series of services which also includes, Tracking & Technology (Solace Secure), Journey Management, Executive Protection & In-Country Security, Crisis Management, Evasion and Response Services.

Episode One introduces how criminals formed the Medellin Cartel and the beginnings of the cocaine smuggling business.

As a trusted supplier to major media broadcasters, Solace Global understands the extensive risk management needs of media organisations providing enhanced intelligence, check in monitoring, overarching support through Solace Secure plus 24/7 Response Assistance and Crisis Management.

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