Advanced security solutions to protect global businesses

Successful global operations are built by the people within it, so protecting them is not just good business sense, but your legal obligation too. Our worldwide security services allow your organisation to prosper by enabling business travel success through the tools to mitigate risk and safeguard employees.

Solace Secure is a travel tracking and intelligence platform to help manage your travel risk. We also provide expert assistance for the full risk lifecycle, including pre-travel planning and intelligence, risk assessments, journey management and crisis management.


Intelligence lead operations

Intelligence lead operations

Discover a greater understanding with trusted intelligence to build a successful risk management strategy, with intelligence that has helped protect organisations in the most volatile of countries.

We act as an extension to your team, with our in-house intelligence analysts providing in-depth risk reports, assessments and advisories. Give your employees complete clarity of local risks and geopolitical factors, along with near-real time global alerts as they happen delivered through our platform Solace Secure.

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Technology underpinned by crisis response experts

Technology underpinned by crisis response experts

Our advanced travel risk management platform goes beyond traveller tracking, with a 24/7 crisis response team monitoring alerts in your location, to help travellers avoid risk and easily reach out for help, being alerted quickly and accounted for if they are near to an incident.

  • SOS functionality
  • Live location tracking
  • Physical check in
  • Call for assistance
  • 24/7 crisis response team
  • Itinerary management
  • Near real-time push intelligence
  • Full access to country risk reports
Business travel itineraries made simple

Business travel itineraries made simple

Solace Global integrates with your existing travel management company to easily keep track of itineraries to help support your duty of care. Plus, when you book outside of your normal company you can easily add and update your itinerary in the Solace Secure app and portal.

  • Easy integration with your travel management company (TMC)
  • Centralised travel information
  • Travellers can quickly update itineraries as plans change
  • Receive automatic country reports upon booking
  • Supports your duty of care
  • Available for organisations without a TMC

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Download your free guide to Business Travel Duty of Care in 2021

Duty of Care for Business Travel – Travel Risk in 2022

Duty of Care for Business Travel – Travel Risk in 2022

Travel risk management strategies and policies have become commonplace across most industries, yet their content and applicability can be affected by subtle changes in the risk landscape.

This report looks at what considerations should be made to ensure your existing strategy is robust enough to cover the changing risk landscape ahead.

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