LGBTQ+ Rights: Trends in 2024

In 2023, LGBTQ rights have faced threats across the globe, spanning from Europe and the Americas to Africa and Asia. This is a consequence of an ongoing political and religious backlash, frequently coinciding with the ascent of right-wing populist parties worldwide. Additionally, these parties, or political activists, have played a role in promoting anti-LGBTQ rhetoric by integrating it into the political discourse of numerous nations. Notably, this shift is observable even in countries that were once regarded as non-hostile towards LGBTQ individuals.

As part of our comprehensive Global Risk Intelligence Forecast 2024, this analysis explores the global landscape of LGBTQ+ rights in 2023 and takes a closer look at evolving challenges for LGBTQ+ rights worldwide in 2024.

Amidst evolving societal dynamics, Europe grappled with a rising resistance to “gender ideology.” Initially driven by concerns regarding transgender policies impacting non-transgender individuals, especially females, this opposition has evolved into a broader hindrance against LGBTQ progress.

In the UK, fears about gender ideology delayed the outlawing of conversion therapy. Hungary faced criticism for attempting to allow anonymous reporting of same-sex couples, a move ultimately vetoed but reflecting Viktor Orban’s government strategy.

In the Middle East, Israel, once considered a stronghold of LGBTQ tolerance, recently elected its most right-wing and homophobic government to date. This government is threatening to reduce the authority of the supreme court. Through its past decisions, the court has safeguarded numerous rights for LGBTQ individuals in Israel.

In the United States, from January to June 2023, more than 540 anti-LGBTQ bills were proposed at various state and local legislatures. Meanwhile, in Latin America, the region continues to be one of the most dangerous for LGBTQ individuals. Frequent attacks on the community often go unaddressed by the police.

In this report:

  • The state of LGBTQ rights worldwide
    • Africa: Escalating repression
    • Middle East: Erosion of tolerance
    • Europe: Backlash against “Gender Ideology”
    • Americas: Proliferation of anti-LGBTQ bills
    • Asia: Persistent crackdown on LGBTQ rights
  • Assessment and 2024 Forecast
    • United States and global influence
    • Europe: A shifting landscape and right-wing rise
    • Africa: Persistent anti-LGBTQ trends
    • Asia: Conservative challenges and religious shifts
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