Global Risk Intelligence Forecast 2024

Business resilience is the ability to not only adapt, but also thrive in the face of adversity. At Solace Global, we recognise that intelligence is the cornerstone of resilience.

Our annual Global Risk Intelligence Forecast equips businesses with the knowledge needed to identify potential disruptions, assess their impact, and implement proactive strategies to mitigate risks.

Whether it’s developing crisis response plans, evaluating supply chain vulnerabilities, or enhancing travel security measures, Solace Global’s intelligence insights enable organisations to plan ahead with confidence.

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In this report:

  • Will China move to annex Taiwan?
  • Global Supply Chains at Risk in the South China Sea
  • Increased Incidents of Undersea Sabotage
  • South Africa’s economic future amidst threats of civil unrest
  • The Sahel Deterioration and Violence in West Africa
  • Increased Militancy in Uganda
  • Growing Instability in Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • The Populist Wave and Polarisation in Europe
  • LGBTQ+ Rights: Trends in 2024
  • Haiti’s Security Challenges and Opportunities

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From the 2024 Intelligence Forecast

The Populist Wave and Polarisation in Europe in 2024

Growing Instability in Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2024

Increased Incidents of Undersea Sabotage in 2024

The rise of both far-right and far-left political parties in Europe over recent years has significantly complexified and energised the political landscape on the continent. This trend is expected to persist into 2024.

Despite Pakistan’s efforts to secure its mountainous border region and prevent the infiltration of extremists from Afghanistan, it is highly probable that the border remains a significant conduit for militants, contraband, and weaponry.

Rising tensions and technological advances have brought undersea sabotage to the forefront of global security concerns. Incidents of undersea sabotage in 2024 are almost certain to cause significant disruptions to maritime domains and critical national infrastructure.

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