US Expansion for Solace Global Risk

Solace Global Risk announces further expansion into the United States market and proudly appoints Brent Borawski as Vice President of Sales and Business Strategy.

Brent Borawski - Solace Global Headshot

Brent Borawski brings 25 years of invaluable experience in the Insurance and Risk Management sector and has already seen a surge in requests from US organizations that require a more tailored approach to risk management.

Brent comments that “Many organizations are rightfully asking ‘what happens if we are impacted, and are we truly ready to react in a crisis?’

He goes on to say “The sentiment amongst leaders in security is shifting…

…Resources and budgets are tightening, all while requirements increase due to higher levels of global instability. Now many are assessing whether their current suppliers are providing the best value and innovative technology that truly align with their processes.

Gone are the days when integrating a platform is simply a box-ticking exercise for duty of care obligations. Clients expect a better level of service and have the assurance providers can go the extra mile in a crisis.”

This strategic move marks a significant milestone for Solace Global Risk and underscores its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer service that surpasses expectations.

Emily Roberts Managing Director Solace Global Risk

Emily Roberts

Managing Director, Solace Global Risk

“We are thrilled to bring Solace’s unique vision and solutions to the US market.

With 14 years of experience serving clients across various industries, we have witnessed firsthand the increasing demand for tailored solutions to mitigate risks and ensure business continuity. Our entry into the US market underscores our commitment to meeting the unique needs of American businesses by providing innovative, client-focused risk management services. 

Whether you are navigating geopolitical uncertainties, ensuring the safety of your personnel during travel, or safeguarding your assets against emerging threats, Solace Global is here to support you every step of the way. 

We are poised to collaborate and provide expertise to US-based organizations seeking advanced risk management solutions and unparalleled support.”

Solace Global Risk is a leading provider of comprehensive risk management solutions, serving clients globally with a commitment to excellence. With a dedicated US presence and a team of seasoned experts, Solace Global Risk empowers organisations to navigate complex risk landscapes with confidence and resilience.

Journey Risk Management

Diligent in-country travel security

Be one step ahead to prevent a crisis

Travel with confidence

Your duty of care doesn’t end the moment your people set foot in their destination – and neither does ours.

From transfers to ongoing security and emergency evacuations, our travel risk services always have you covered. 

Arm yourself with the knowledge to avoid a potential threat from turning into a crisis. Intelligence advisories give you tailored reports to anticipate possible disruptions, mitigate risk and help you make well-informed decisions, faster.

Give your people peace of mind when they travel for work, so they remain focused on the job at hand. We mitigate risks, manage incidents if they occur, and support your people with security advice or help in a crisis. 

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