South Africa’s Economic Future Amidst Threats of Civil Unrest in 2024

Civil unrest is expected to cause significant disruption in South Africa. Despite this, many companies are increasingly choosing to expand or establish a presence in the country for various compelling reasons. South Africa’s strategic geographical location, situated at the crossroads of key international trade routes, along with its well-developed infrastructure compared to neighbouring African nations, makes it an attractive hub for businesses aiming to access markets in Africa and beyond.

As part of our comprehensive Global Risk Intelligence Forecast 2024, this analysis explores South Africa’s economic landscape amidst threats of civil unrest in 2024.

Moreover, South Africa offers a diverse and skilled workforce, providing companies with access to a talent pool proficient in various industries. The widespread use of English across all ethnic groups in the country and comparatively low labour costs, even for an emerging market, add to its appeal. The government’s initiatives to enhance the business environment, reduce bureaucratic obstacles, and implement favourable economic policies have further encouraged foreign investment. Some estimates even suggest that South Africa is among the easiest countries to secure credit.

In addition to these factors, the country’s abundant natural resources, including minerals and agricultural products, make it an enticing prospect for companies involved in extractive industries. Despite the challenges, South Africa’s growing middle class and relatively stable political climate contribute to a robust consumer market, drawing interest from companies looking to tap into the nation’s economic potential.

Collectively, these factors position the region as a strategic and potentially lucrative destination for companies aiming to expand their global footprint, diversify their supply chains, enter the African market, and leverage the country’s untapped human resources.

  • South Africa’s economic future amidst threats of civil unrest in 2024
    • Civil unrest to cause major disruption
    • Skilled workforce and linguistic advantages
    • Growing middle class and stable political climate
  • Assessment and 2024 Forecast
    • Investment landscape
    • Diverse demonstrations in 2023
    • Political outlook and challenges
    • Lessons from the 2021 riots
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