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Responding to an evolving medical crisis during the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, a catastrophic natural disaster, the Caribbean region experienced widespread disruption.

The hurricane’s destructive force left a trail of destruction in its wake, leading to serious consequences for the affected communities. As the storm subsided, the true extent of the damage became apparent—crumbling infrastructure, elevated crime rates, and the implementation of curfews aimed at restoring order and ensuring public safety.

Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation During an Environmental Crisis

A British employee was deployed to the British Virgin Islands to assist in the recovery efforts, with Solace Global assisting with a comprehensive journey management plan, that included security vehicles and highly vetted close protection operatives to safeguard against local threats and disruption.

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Crisis Management: From Journey Management Task to Medical Repatriation

However, the challenges faced by the employee did not end with secure transportation alone. Amid the chaos and turmoil, the employee found their health deteriorate rapidly.

As the days unfolded, the employee’s health unexpectedly deteriorated overnight, transforming the situation from a journey management task to a medical emergency requiring immediate attention. Our dedicated team of professionals responded promptly, understanding the gravity of the situation and the need for swift action.

Secure Transportation to Medical Care and Repatriation

With efficiency and expertise, our close protection team facilitated the safe escort of the employee to the nearest hospital with a emergency evacuation strategy, ensuring that they received the necessary medical attention without delay. The team’s comprehensive training and experience enabled them to navigate the disrupted infrastructure and coordinate effectively with the operations team via Solace Global’s 24/7 security operations centre and risk management platform Solace Secure, facilitating seamless movement throughout the process.

Medevac Back to the UK: Ensuring a Smooth Transition

Following the successful transfer to the hospital, our unwavering support continued as the scenario was managed from every aspect. Collaborating closely with medical professionals, they facilitated the arrangements for the employee’s medical evacuation back to the United Kingdom. Prioritising the individual’s well-being, our team ensured a smooth transition from the hospital to the airport, coordinating the necessary logistics and ensuring their safe departure.

Evacuating employees in complex environments

Solace Global is adept at providing end-to-end security and medical assistance in locations affected by natural disaster, environmental or civil unrest. By utilising a combination of global security network, subject matter experts and risk management technology, with 24/7 oversight from a UK based SOC – you can be assured your people are in safe hands.

“Offering a flexible service is critical to ensure we keep travellers safe when things go wrong. Operating in locations affected by a natural disaster can be unpredictable, but with an agile response from the operations and response team, our clients were able to get their traveller medical assistance quickly – without being held up by lengthy commercial processes.”

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