Security Support for Beirut Explosion, Lebanon

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Monitoring 24/7

Crisis Management: Rapid response to Beirut explosion before mainstream media reporting

On the 4th August 2020 an explosion devastated Beirut, killing at least 220 people, injuring more than 6,000 and displacing over 300,000.

In the immediate aftermath of the explosion, Solace Global Risk, a leading provider of risk management solutions, identified the explosion before mainstream media, to promptly make security managers aware and confirm the safety of travellers within Beirut during this critical time.

Through our security operations centre and risk management platform Solace Secure, we were able to pinpoint the exact whereabouts of clients in-country and provide them with specialist guidance to ensure they remain safe in a crisis.

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Proactive Travel Risk Management: Reassurance and Continuous Updates

The dedicated 24/7 crisis response team played a crucial role in providing reassurance to affected travellers and their line managers located elsewhere. Through our efficient communication channels, we informed them that their staff members in-country were accounted for and safe while adhering to the pre-agreed client protocols. Furthermore, we ensured continuous updates on the evolving situation, keeping all stakeholders well-informed throughout the crisis.

Utilising travel data to mitigate risk in a crisis

Our assistance extended beyond those affected by the disruption in Beirut. Through travel data feeds integrated into Solace Secure, all travellers with planned itineraries towards Beirut were contacted so travel plans could be amended to avoid arriving into a country that could be affected by civil unrest or further security incidents.

For travellers that were unable to defer travel, additional support was provided with Journey Management, ensuring a safe transition that was not disrupted by affected areas as they reached their destinations. Furthermore, for those already in-country, we facilitated their relocation to secure locations outside the city, minimising exposure to potential risks.

Verified Risk Intelligence: Timely and Actionable Alerts

As seasoned risk professionals, we understand the importance of providing timely information to our clients. Throughout the crisis, we consistently shared intelligence alerts through Solace Secure, our user tracking and risk intelligence platform. These alerts contained key updates on the situation, often delivered at least an hour before the information reached the mainstream media. By doing so, we ensured that our clients were equipped with accurate and up-to-date information, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Supporting security managers with preemptive risk mitigation measures

One of our core strengths lies in preemptive risk mitigation. Even before the situation reached the attention of mainstream media, Solace proactively posted frequent intelligence alerts on Solace Secure. This allowed our clients to stay ahead of potential threats, enabling them to take necessary precautions and make informed choices for the safety of their personnel. Our commitment to providing timely information ensures that our clients can respond effectively to crises and minimise risks.

During this challenging time, clients commended the operations teams for their expertise in crisis management, travel risk management, and operational risk management.

Solace Secure Risk Alerting: One step ahead of mainstream media

15.55 GMT

First Explosion

First explosion at Beirut port occurs, the initial blast was smaller in size and attended by local fire crews.

Beirut explosion
16.08 GMT

Second Explosion

The second explosion and most powerful blast, takes place killing at least 220 people, injuring more than 6000 and displacing around 300,000.

16.11 GMT

First SOS received from travelling personnel

Solace response team made immediate contact with 2 travellers following an SOS via Solace Secure app, located 1.36km and 5.19km from the blast. Their safety was confirmed by crisis response team.

SOS alert in app
16.18 GMT

Contact made with points of contact

Martin Veale, Operations Director for Solace Global Risk, made contact with points of contact to inform them of SOS received by their travelling staff.

16.19 GMT

Severe intelligence alert published

First severe intelligence alert is verified and published in Solace Secure

16.43 GMT

First reporting by local press about incident

Daily Star Lebanon share their first tweet about the explosion

17.06 GMT

First reporting by BBC Breaking News

The BBC share their first tweet reporting on the blast

Security services to support your Duty of Care

Through our comprehensive risk management solutions, we provided vital advice, reassurance, continuous updates, and support for those in-country and security managers. All travelling staff were accounted for quickly and all points of contact were notified of their safety and kept up to date with summary reports. By delivering timely and actionable alerts, our clients could mitigate risk and make informed decisions.

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