Mobile technology to support your personnel, wherever they are in the world 24/7

Solace Secure is a purpose-built traveller tracking software platform. It tracks individuals (via itinerary, office base and real time check-ins), vehicles, vessels and assets. It overlays threat levels, traveller locations and reported security/safety/medical incidents to produce a real-time planning and incident control tool.

All travellers are only be able to see their own location or the location of any groups they are set up to see. The platform provides an accurate gauge of what life is really like on the ground with detailed real-time intelligence and situational awareness. The platform can even take a feed from many satellite tracking devices.

Solace Secure provides inSIGHT monitoring 24/7

Solace Secure provides inSIGHT monitoring 24/7

inSIGHT (Security/Intelligence/Guidance/Help/Tracking) ensures your people and assets are in constant view of the Solace 24/7 response team. Our pro-active monitoring service will monitor your personnel and assets for you and respond to vicinity risks and incidents.

The Solace response team can pro-actively monitor your tracked personnel globally 24/7 and follow client specific procedures on how to respond should an incident occur near to a staff member.

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