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Solace Secure is a purpose-built traveller tracking and intelligence software. It enables our clients to start tracking all personnel from booked travel itineraries, physical check-in, in app tracking, satellite trackers and office-based locations both quickly and simply. It overlays threat levels, traveller locations and reported security/safety/medical incidents to produce a real-time planning and incident control tool.

All travellers are only be able to see their own location or the location of any groups they are set up to see. The platform provides an accurate gauge of what life is really like on the ground with detailed real-time intelligence and situational awareness. If an incident were to occur, the Solace 24/7/365 operations team are constantly monitoring the platform and will identify potentially affected travellers and start providing assistance where needed.

Take a look at the features of the Solace Secure Desktop Platform here, or learn more about our app here.

Tracking & Intelligence

Why is Travel Tracking Technology important?

The benefits of travel tracking not only support your company travel policies and duty of care strategies but also provides reassurance to your travellers that they can gain assistance in the event of a crisis. Solace Secure allows for both reactive and proactive crisis management. Being able to view your personnel on one platform aids quick reactions to supporting those at risk as well as providing the intelligence to prepare ahead of travel, mitigating against risks.

In addition to our travel risk management platform, we can provide additional services, both in-country and from our response centre, to assist with the safe movement or return of travellers who have been affected by, or are near to an incident. Providing that all-important peace of mind. No task is too big or too small, learn more about these services on our Journey Management & Close Protection page. View our case studies to learn more about how we have helped travellers return safely following an incident overseas.

Tracking & Intelligence

How can Solace Secure help?

Developing Innovative Solutions

Developing Innovative Solutions

The Solace Secure platform is regularly updated and advanced with a range of distinct and innovative features always putting us a step ahead and ensuring you are getting the most out of your travel risk management provider. We are delighted to have worked with clients to develop appropriate solutions within Solace Secure that fulfil any additional requirements that they have.

As such, we are delighted to be shortlisted for the ‘Outstanding Product Innovation’ award at the Travel Risk Management Awards 2020.


Acting as an Extension to Your Team

Acting as an Extension to Your Team

Solace are able to provide the ability to have your personnel protected whilst conducting business tasks and operations no matter the time of day.

We understand that many travel and security managers are not working 24/7 and the monitoring of your travellers in different areas of the world can be challenging. With the support of our innovative risk management platform, Solace Secure, we are able to provide intelligence alerts and travel tracking both internally and for our clients.


Solace Secure Provides inSIGHT Monitoring 24/7/365

Solace Secure Provides inSIGHT Monitoring 24/7/365

inSIGHT monitoring covers; Security, Intelligence, Guidance, Help and Tracking. Our inSIGHT Monitoring Services forms part of our Protect series of services which also includes, Tracking & Technology (Solace Secure) and Journey Management: Executive Protection & In-Country Security. The benefit of inSIGHT is to ensure your people and assets are in constant view of the Solace 24/7 response team. Our pro-active monitoring service will monitor your personnel and assets for you, and respond to vicinity risks and incidents.

Discreet Services

Discreet Services

Our inSIGHT monitoring has been particularly popular among many NGO’s and media clients, where they require ad hoc monitoring services in complex regions. With the presence of security teams often providing a greater risk to the traveller, inSIGHT monitoring allows our 24/7 response team watch over your on the ground operations, able to respond to any given incident.

These services make for a great extension to your current security support services and policies in place. We are able to tailor inSIGHT to you and your company and find the best solution to mitigate against risks whilst reducing impact to business operations.

As a trusted supplier to major media broadcasters, Solace Global understands the extensive risk management needs of media organisations and NGO’s, providing enhanced intelligence, check-in monitoring, overarching support through Solace Secure, plus 24/7 Response Assistance and Crisis Management. Read more about how we’ve supported clients of this nature in one of our case studies.

Tracking & Intelligence
Tracking & Intelligence

Solace Secure Desktop & App Functionality 

At Solace Global, we are continuously updating our Travel Risk Management and Intelligence platform, Solace Secure, so that our clients are benefiting from the latest innovations and so that our software runs parallel with our clients organisational growth and adapting requirements. Clients and their travellers are at the forefront of our efforts, and our platform is specifically designed to keep people, assets and reputation safe and protected at all times.

We would be delighted to share with you some of the unique functionality Solace Secure can offer. Please click here to view more information on our desktop platform, or click here to learn more about our app.

“We have found Solace Secure and its location monitoring capability to be a critical tool in keeping apprised of security developments that could impact our people and facilities. It is extremely flexible and user-friendly; the value proposition is hard to beat.”

– Global Manufacturing Company

Watch the video below to learn more about our Travel Risk Management Platform, Solace Secure

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