Solace Global Risk are able to offer a fully unified medical and security assistance service with our medical partners Charles Taylor Assistance (formerly CEGA), this combined service is known as ‘Intrinsic’. The Intrinsic partnership means a single contact point and coordinated response. For example; a patient injured in a high risk location: security vehicles and trained personnel will assist the medical team and get the patient to safety. Where moving a patient is not an option our security teams accompany our medical assistance teams to the patient’s location to provide immediate care until it is safe to move them.

Solace Global Risk and Charles Taylor Assistance understand that providing both security and medical assistance to your travelling employees provides a comprehensive duty of care solution. Solace and Charles Taylor Assistance have designed and implemented travel risk management solutions for a combined period of more than 55 years with no one solution the same.

With the ability in most cases to align with your current insurer we can offer a streamlined approach to supporting your employees. Our solution aids piece of mind that we can manage any incident 24/7 in a timely and secure manner. To keep your travellers safe our solution will enable you to know where your people are and provide them with the tools to prepare pre-travel and stay informed during travel.

Combined Security & Medical Assistance

Integrated with state-of-the-art travel risk management technology

At the heart of our solution is our innovative travel risk management technology platform, Solace Secure. Providing a high degree of automation, integrating with your travel services provider, to seamlessly gather itinerary information and plot your personnel in accordance with their travel schedule, physical check-ins and tracking sessions.

With this joint partnership and access to revolutionary travel risk management technology, if an incident were to occur your personnel will have the ability to make an SOS via the platform, providing our 24/7/365 response team an exact location of the employee and our in-house team will start coordinating the necessary security and medical assistance required, no matter where they are in the world.

Through the touch of one button, both security and medical assistance support can be accessed globally. Meaning clients will not have to waste any time or risk further delay by reaching out to two separate organisations and following different processes and procedures. With a unified solution, clients are quickly and effortlessly able to inform both parties and request the assistance required.

This one-stop-shop approach has been popular amongst our clients, and as we move to a simplified and fast paced solution that combines both aspects, confidence is distilled within travellers and managers when operating globally. Allowing for assistance peace of mind, wherever business may take you.

With plenty more case studies and some of our more recent operations do check out our Case Studies page for more. We also have strong references from our current Intrinsic clients, if you require more information do get in touch with our team.

For medical training courses see our Training section for course details.

Medical Assistance forms part of our Respond & Recover series of services which also includes Crisis Management & Emergency Response, Evacuations, and Kidnap & Ransom Response.

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