Intelligence reports for well-informed decisions

Our in-house intelligence division monitors global events 24/7, analysing risks including political and civil unrest, terrorism and armed conflict, piracy and maritime incidents, health and environmental warnings.

With an increase in global instability, having access to trusted, credible intelligence now plays a vital role in travel policies, disaster recovery strategies and business continuity plans. Our security solutions help mitigate risk within your operations, while supporting your duty of care.

Bespoke intelligence reports

Solace Global supports international organisations, NGO’s and high-profile individuals with bespoke intelligence reports. Tailored intelligence ensures that the information you receive is truly relevant to your endeavours, giving you a clearer outlook of the risk landscape.

We can provide assessments of risk levels for specific cities, countries or ports, plus intelligence for specific events, operations, or journeys. Analysis will highlight key areas for attention and provide recommendations to help mitigate threats to your operations.

Our analysts can make in-depth assessments on risk topics such as;

  • Crime
  • Terrorism
  • Environmental
  • Health
  • Maritime and piracy
  • Armed conflict
  • Civil unrest and political instability
Intelligence & Advisory

Daily Situation Reports for Ukraine Conflict

In response to the high levels of enquiries for trusted intelligence, we have launched a daily Ukraine SITREP subscription, to update you on the latest developments and military movements.
Each 3 page report is written by Solace Global intelligence analysts and delivers a concise overview of the latest developments over the last 24 hours. Each report will give you a clear understanding on the present threats, with a 24 hour forecast on what could be expected next within the conflict areas.


Reports are delivered every weekday, priced at £129 per week for non-clients.

Learn more about Ukraine security support →

Risk management technology with intelligence

Intelligence is the backbone of all pre-travel planning, journey management and response services. Our risk management platform Solace Secure blends intelligence with travel tracking data, to provide a holistic approach to keeping your travellers safe.

Our specialist intelligence team produce travel advisories, security reports and near real-time alerts, which is easily accessible in one place for both travel managers and travellers.

Receive real-time alerts direct to your phone or desktop, review global incidents before and during a trip, and monitor threats in relation to where you or your personnel are.


Learn more about Solace Secure here →

Intelligence & Advisory

Supporting business continuity plans

Solace Global is adept at providing close support to companies and individuals at the tactical, operational and strategic level. The analytical capability of the team has a strong grounding in military and academia backgrounds, providing concise and knowledgeable assessments on a wide range of threats.

Our intelligence is supported by our 24/7/365 security operations centre, which uses both protected and open source reporting to produce credible, trusted reports that supports resilience against threats. businesses against the whole threat spectrum. Additionally we use our extensive partner network and deployed around the world to give a unique human intelligence network capability. This information is then verified, risk rated and analysed.

Solace Global can provide intelligence reports including:

  • Armed conflict situation reports
  • Detailed Risk Assessments
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Journey or voyage assessments
  • Pre-travel advisories
  • Hotel assessments
  • Incident and spot reports
  • Election guides
  • Country and city reports
  • Activist Monitoring
  • Deep and Dark Web assessments
  • Social media monitoring

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