Solace Global has been providing security consultancy for over 10 years and are experts in the field of travel risk management. Solace are experienced in operating in some of the most complex regions of the world and have helped companies to safely conduct business globally and continue to provide these services worldwide.

The Solace Global Risk team has experience across a wide range of business risk support services, assisting organisations worldwide in the management of strategic and operational risk issues. Solace Global has conducted Security Risk Assessments to identify, assess and prioritise the likelihood and impact of risk upon corporate objectives during all phases of customer operations, while designing scalable security solutions to support complex infrastructure programmes; where security architecture, design and emergency response plans are necessary attributes.

Through expert planning, consultancy and intelligence products, Solace provide the information and mitigation advice required to plan a deployment or project, to secure a property or office or to help Sporting Arenas comply with counter terrorism planning requirements and more. Solace have conducted over 1,000 Office, Vessel, Private Residence, Sporting Arenas and Project Site Risk Assessments highlighting potential improvements along with proportionate advice commensurate to the threat. Please scroll down for more information on our areas of consulting.

Solace threat assessments are not limited to simple threat awareness, but we delve into where the risks may arise and why they are considered a risk, such as activist monitoring to ensure the safety of individuals at a company conference and intelligence monitoring for film shoots, documentaries and sporting events. The depth of review will vary from task and location depending on the prevailing risks, importance of the site and readiness of each location in terms of risk mitigation. Each deployed assessment is supported by a detailed desk top risk assessment conducted by the Solace Global Intelligence unit and will be able to identify and map security risks and their associated impacts on the company/ personnel/ community/ legal requirements and making recommendations on how to mitigate these risks.

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Solace Risk Assessments

The overall objective of most deployed Risk Assessments are to complete a detailed audit of the physical security and safety measures for the locations to identify threats and resulting operational risk exposures, in order to provide appropriate and effective mitigation and ensure a safe and secure working environment.

Conducting risk assessments is not always the most exciting but is certainly of upmost importance. Whether you are assessing the risk to your travel, office location or building Solace understands the need for a thorough and engaging assessment report.

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Over the past year we have conducted a record number of security assessments on client office locations, high net worth residences, voyages and sporting stadiums. Our intelligence and response teams work to identify a variety of risks that range from having little to severe impact on personnel, assets and reputations

All elements of a layered approach to security and safety are then assessed in detail and recommendations made to ensure these protocols and outputs are met, including reviews of:

  • Physical barriers – natural and man-made.
  • Physical protection – the human element.
  • Safety equipment and plans – Smoke detectors and alarms, extinguishers, clearly marked and usable exits, drilled evacuations and so on.
  • Technology solutions – sensors / CCTV / command and control systems.
  • Software-enabled platforms.
  • Oversight and response from a fully enabled Operations Centre.
  • Related plans and procedures (including rehearsal and training) are identified reviewed and critiqued where appropriate.
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Highly Trained and Experienced Personnel

Our experts have strong foundations in Risk Management and we carefully select the right personnel with the necessary experience, capability and skill set for the task in hand. Our personnel are formed of ex-Military and ex-Special Forces, Intelligence and ex-Law Enforcement complemented by Intelligence Analysts and consultants with Masters and Degrees in their appropriate fields. We work hand in hand with our clients to truly understand them to assist in developing policies, plans and strategies to prepare and protect their business/family/reputation/assets identifying gaps to increase controls and resilience to manage all aspects of risk and vulnerability.

Consulting Services

Areas of Solace Consulting

Solace Global can provide consulting across a range of focus topics and scenarios. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to our clients requirements and tailor our services completely to their needs.

Travel Risk Management

Travel Risk Management

Solace 24/7 response centre monitor global events 24/7; analysing all manner of risks including political and civil unrest, terrorism and armed conflict, piracy and maritime incidents, health and environmental warnings. Our highly experienced team have been at the forefront of some of the most dangerous locations and have extensive knowledge on how to navigate safety through areas others may not go.

Coupled with our in-house risk specialists, we are able to provide clients detailed travel risk management consulting that prioritises traveller safety whilst ensuring the business conducted is not affected. We provide a number of services to compliment the consulting such as Pre-Travel Planning, Journey Management. Our Travel Tracking Technology, Solace Secure, is the ultimate solution in ensuring traveller safety.

Recent Projects:

  • Voyage Assessments – Risk assessment of vessel route covering maritime risks as well as land risks based on the travellers itinerary.
  • Back to Business – COVID bi-weeky report helping business understand requirements for operating around the world and what travel restrictions are in place in an ever evolving situation.
  • HNW Holiday – Easy to digest short summary reports looking at key considerations for HNW travel, where to avoid and key contacts.
  • Travel Safety Policy – Developed travel policies for various clients from scratch through to combining current client policies with the integration of new requirements following implementation of the Solace Secure travel risk management program.
Corporate Risk

Corporate Risk

When understanding whether new site projects, office locations, arenas or events are secure Solace can conduct a review of the physical security threats and safety threats to the staff, buildings and assets. Furthermore, Solace can provide or help to develop risk management/crisis management plans and procedures, as well as business continuity plans.

Recent Projects:

  • Sports Stadium – Assessing the stadium for vulnerabilities for crime and terrorism including the impact of a vehicle borne attack.
  • Location Assessment – Covering both residences and offices, assessing the fine details of threats faced to those locations and recommendations for mitigation measures.
  • HNW Property Vulnerability Assessments – developing technical and physical security strategies to enhance the safety of the family and their assets whilst ensuring it does not impact on property aesthetics and life style.
Consulting Services

Case Studies

Solace are proud to share some of our client case studies with you, please see below for more details.

Office and Security Risk Assessments in West Africa

Office and Security Risk Assessments in West Africa

Solace Global was tasked to conduct a full security audit of its clients intended new office location that it was planning to establish within a developing country in West Africa. As part of this survey Solace Global would need to not only undertake a full audit of the physical office and compound space, but also the policies and procedures that were being built to facilitate the move into this country. Solace Global is well used to operating in complex environments and particularly high risk developing countries. Through its vetted local and international consultants it was able to conduct the on the ground surveys liaising with the clients in country staff. Concurrently the Solace Global staff were able work with the clients to understand their aims and then build suitable policies and process to enable them to enter that country safely, knowing that their duty of care obligations were being met. Solace Global is an experienced risk management provider who can enable it clients to move into emerging markets ensuring that this is done safely and compliantly.

Cruise Ship Desktop Threat Assessment, Multiple Destinations

Cruise Ship Desktop Threat Assessment, Multiple Destinations

We were approached by a cruise ship company who were planning an around the world cruise. The vessel was due to call in over 30 countries with varied threat profiles. It was requested that we put together a high-level, detailed threat assessment outlining the security challenges and concerns. In response to this request, we were able to advise on whether or not they should call at their planned destinations or whether or not further security is advisable when undertaking shore excursions. The document which we produced consisted of a number of sections. Providing a summary report on the security profile for each country, highlighting key issues of specific concern, be that crime, terrorism, civil unrest, etc and specific locations with security challenges. We then offered general risk mitigation techniques for travellers and issues to remember at all times when abroad.

Residential Security Review for Family Holiday Homes in Vienna

Residential Security Review for Family Holiday Homes in Vienna

Solace Global were tasked by a High Net Worth family to conduct a security review of their holiday homes in Europe. The survey identified significant weaknesses and Solace Global was tasked to project manage the implementation of the  security upgrade. Solace Global Risk deployed its own security consultants to conduct a comprehensive review of the risks, threats and vulnerabilities of the properties. Solace then identified the most practical, cost effective plan to upgrade the security always consulting the family for approval with regards to aesthetics and functionality. Solace also developed strategies and plans for emergency notifications and responding to incidents. Solace planned and oversaw the installation from start to final commissioning, testing and sign off.

Consulting Services forms part of our Anticipate series of services which also includes Intelligence & Advisory, Pre-Travel Planning and Training.

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