As a trusted supplier to major media broadcasters, Solace understand the extensive risk management needs of media organisations – especially their on-the-ground teams.

We provide specialist situational awareness and medical training for media teams working in developing or hostile places.

Solace Global provide expert advice on where you’re media teams are going:

  • Plan and journey manage your trip – we provide detailed journey plans, route recommendations and in-country intelligence that equip travellers with the right information pre-travel.
  • Country reports help your personnel understand the threats, cultural sensitivities and precautions necessary on their destinations before departure.
  • Travel advisories, security reports and real-time alerts provide ongoing intelligence on vicinity risks whilst away.
  • Client specific, journey itinerary and major event reporting – e.g. before and during the 2016 Rio Olympics our intelligence analysts provided daily travel and security summaries for a major UK broadcaster, alongside real-time alerts.

Protection and Monitoring: We can protect and monitor media personnel anywhere in the world, often providing services at very short notice.

  • Media teams can be met by local security partner staff in all but four countries of the world. In those four countries (that are currently in a state of civil war or effectively closed to the outside world) we will deploy from a neighbouring country.
  • With geo-fencing we can monitor journeys

Response: should your media team become involved in an incident we can crisis manage and respond accordingly. For example:

  • Urgent evacuations – as we did for international journalists caught up in the South Sudan deadly clashes in July 2016.
  • Kidnap & Ransom response – our in-house experts can respond to any Kidnap & Ransom situation, with experience of more than 500 kidnappings around the world, including criminal and terrorist related kidnappings involving media personnel.

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