Solace Global is a market leading provider of maritime security services and anti-piracy operations, with extensive vessel protection experience; over 3 million man hours at sea, protecting over 5000 vessels for some of the worlds’ largest shipping companies, oil majors, cruise liners and super yacht clients.

As an ISO accredited maritime security company, we are proud of our operational excellence and professional reputation.

As experts in maritime security, tailored risk management and bespoke technology, Solace Global provide an extensive range of specialist security services to our maritime clients, services include:

Vessel Protection Teams
We ensure our vessel security teams are highly qualified, regularly vetted and experts in maritime security operations. We provide armed and unarmed maritime security teams.

Kidnap & Ransom Response
The Solace Global K&R responders have first-hand operational and strategic experience, having successfully resolved more than 500 international kidnappings around the world. With specific maritime piracy K&R experience, having responded for companies based in Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Nigeria, Egypt, Hong Kong, Pakistan, China and Laos. See Kidnap & Ransom Response for more information

Stowaway Prevention
Unarmed over-watch security services providing support to the master and crew for the prevention of stowaways.

Port Risk Assessments / Voyage Threat Assessments
Detailed intelligence assessment of specific voyages, ports and/or locations, including vessel risk assessments and intelligence analysis. Solace Global also provide on-site security audits.

Crew Training
Maritime security crew training includes anti-piracy drills and scenario training, vessel hardening measures, Best Management Practice and escalation of force procedures. Traveller awareness training is also available for when crew are in any given country, making them aware of personal safety measures.

Ship Security Audits
Pre-voyage vessel audits and assessments, review and recommendations of security hardening measures and procedures.

Assistance for Displaced Persons on-board Vessels
Assistance and response to discovery of displaced personnel, in accordance with IMO principles and guidelines for rescue at sea.

Maritime Security Consultancy
Risk management advisors specialising in the maritime security will assess, recommend and manage whether on a project or embedded basis.

Maritime Intelligence & Vessel Tracking
On-board security teams are supported 24/7 by in-house experienced operations, intelligence and incident management teams as well as by innovative technology including our global risk management platform Solace Secure: monitoring clients’ people and vessels in relation to threats.

Onshore Protection & Journey Management
Pre-journey planning and on the ground protection against localised and specialist threats – from ‘meet and greet’ services and in-country executive protection, to situational advice, risk analysis and monitoring services we can keep we offer a full suite of services to keep your people and assets safe around the globe by land or sea.

Solace Global also provide:

  • Ongoing and live 24/7 services to mitigate against the global risks our cruise clients face
  • Professional and experienced Super yacht security specialists


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Trusted Worldwide

Our Clients

Global Technology Corporation

We have developed a solid relationship with Solace Global. They have met all our operational requirements, in line with our expectations and beyond. We are a challenging client. We frequently have short notice deployments with last minute changes to itineraries (last minute = “they are arriving in 4hrs”). Solace have always met our needs; responding positively and quickly to feedback. We have open, clear and responsive communications channels 24/7, 365. Solace Global are central to our security program.

Global Tanker Owners

We have been working with Solace Global for approximately 18 months, where they provide Maritime Security Officers for our Indian Ocean transits. The professionalism, dedication and assistance of their security teams to our Masters and Crew have fulfilled our expectations. Their attention to detail and associated services such as intelligence reporting have also been a major factor in our successful partnership. We would not hesitate in recommending their services to any potential client and we look forward to a continued relationship.

Worldwide Cruise Operator

I have used the services of Solace Global for many years. The personnel Solace have supplied to our ships over those years have without exception been first rate. Their professionalism, dedication and assistance to Masters has been beyond reproach and they have quickly assimilated themselves into the crews as respected and professional individuals. When their security duties allow, they have supplemented our expedition teams in acting as Zodiac Drivers and shoremen in support of the Zodiac operation.