Ukraine Russia Conflict: Could cyber warfare affect your business?

22 Mar 2022

Stark warnings have been issued to UK businesses to bolster their cyber security defences with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the threat of cyberwarfare.
This report outlines what threat cyber warfare could pose to western businesses and how to increase security.

Key Points

There has been no shortage of warnings from government agencies and media channels since the conflict with Ukraine arose in
February 2022. A heightened threat level has been declared by UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and warnings have been shared by Financial Compensation Authority (FCA) to remind organisations to ensure business continuity and incident management arrangements are up to date, in order to protect businesses and consumers alike from the increased threat level.

While cyber warfare between Ukraine and Russia can feel far removed from European operations, this does not mean we are sheltered from an increase in cyber threats.

The US assess that in response to sanctions ‘It is realistically possible that Russia could respond with retaliatory measures, such as a cyberattack’ against energy infrastructure in America, with the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency increasing monitoring of ransomware targeting businesses.


This report outlines;

  • Previous cyber threat activity between Russia and Ukraine
  • How alleged Russian cyber attacks have affected western countries
  • What risk a cyberwar could pose to organisations
  • How best to increase your cyber defences