Paris Olympics: Travel Risk Assessment

26 June 2024

As excitement builds for the Paris Olympics 2024, so do the challenges for travellers heading to France. With anticipated surges in visitor numbers and heightened political dynamics, staying informed and aware is important for a safe trip.

Here’s what you need to know:

President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to call for snap National Assembly elections adds a layer of uncertainty. This political move could heighten tensions and increase the likelihood of protests and demonstrations, impacting travel plans and safety considerations for tourists.

France has a history of active civil unrest, and the Olympics period is expected to amplify this. Various groups, ranging from political activists to environmentalists and anti-Games collectives, may stage protests. These demonstrations can disrupt public transport, access to key landmarks, and overall safety in affected areas.

France remains under a high terrorism threat alert, primarily due to ongoing activities of Islamist terror groups. The country has experienced multiple attacks in recent years, underscoring the importance of vigilance. During large-scale events like the Olympics, crowded venues and symbolic locations may be potential targets for extremist acts.

With an increase in tourist numbers, petty theft and opportunistic crimes are expected to rise, particularly in popular tourist areas and transportation hubs. Travellers are advised to remain vigilant, secure belongings, and avoid displaying valuables in public. Using reputable transportation services and accommodation can also mitigate risks.

While France boasts an extensive and efficient transportation network, the Olympics period may introduce disruptions. Increased traffic, altered schedules, and temporary closures are common during major events. Familiarising yourself with alternative routes and transportation options can help navigate these challenges seamlessly.

Cyber threats, including phishing scams and data breaches, pose significant risks during the Olympics. Public Wi-Fi networks and unsecured devices are vulnerable to exploitation by cybercriminals. Travellers are advised to use virtual private networks (VPNs), update security software, and avoid accessing sensitive information over public networks.

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