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Global Risk Watchlist 2023

Key risks to monitor over the next 12 months

Despite leaving behind a relatively tumultuous 2022, the risk outlook for the coming year does not do much to bolster one’s spirits.

Leaving aside significant individual destabilising influences such as the thrashing tail of the Covid pandemic, heightened tensions between Russia and the West centred around Ukraine, and of course, a new-era in the problematic US-China relationship, we are facing quantum new levels of global risk when we consider our situation holistically.

Introducing Global Risk Watchlist 2023:

Recessions seem inevitable in all of the world’s major economies, with considerable pressure on the governors of those economies to take firm action in the national interest. These actions are rarely altruistic and often contribute to ever escalating international tension, and this invariably results in the law of unintended consequences having its day in the sun.

In short, we are in for a fairly rough ride and meticulous risk planning and management has never been more important to maintain the health of our businesses and the well-being of our people. We simply must make the very best use of the global risk intelligence that is available to us, carefully apply it to our own business universe to implement the best control measures with robust plans to maintain resilience should these risks become realities.

It is not uncommon for organisations to rely on a responsive or reactive approach to world events on the basis that they feel that they have little control over the factors which influence their fate. It is however, businesses that plan for events, put contingency in place, and have a robust early warning mechanism for recognising event triggers that thrive in such times.

So, please read on and take time to consider how the key themes in this report affect you and what measures you can take to mitigate global risk, enhance your resilience and plan to emerge safely into the better times to come.

Key risks to watch

  • Worsening tensions between China and the West
  • Growing Turkish regional influence
  • Deteriorating security in West Africa and the Sahel
  • Escalation of the war in Ukraine
  • Global economic recession
  • European energy crisis
  • Proliferation of violent social unrest
  • Significant military conflict in Libya
  • Iranian regional destabilisation
  • The return of large-scale conventional armed conflict
  • Extreme weather events and natural disasters
  • High-profile cybersecurity incidents
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