Global Election Guide Q4-2023

Which elections could affect global instability in 2023 and 2024?

The Solace Global Election Guide contains in-depth analysis on some of the key elections taking place and how they may impact a country’s political stability and policy positions for the year ahead.

Elections often lead to political transitions, which can create a period of uncertainty. This uncertainty can result in market volatility, diplomatic tensions, and changes in policy direction, all of which can affect businesses, investments, and geopolitical stability.

What countries will have key elections in 2023?

This final quarter of 2023 is scheduled to see a number of elections and referendums take place around the world. Elections will be taking place in New Zealand, Poland, Argentina, the Netherlands and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The report also looks at the election in Pakistan (which will now take place in quarter one of 2024) and additionally the referendum in Chile.

The Polish general election is widely being seen as the country’s most important since its return to democracy in 1989, with a victory for the incumbent party highly likely to put Warsaw on the path to a more autocratic future, similar to what has been observed in nearby Hungary. In Chile, voters have a second chance to vote for a new constitution, with the government ruling out any further attempts at constitutional change if this second proposed constitution is rejected. Neighbouring Argentina meanwhile may well see the election of a president with some highly unorthodox views.

Other major votes taking place around the world

Aside from the elections covered in this guide, a number of other major votes are taking place across the globe this quarter. This includes a referendum in Australia on whether to implement an “indigenous voice” as a standing federal advisory body. Several state-level elections are set to take place in the United States, including in Kentucky, Mississippi, and Louisiana. These elections will feature key positions like the Governorship and the Attorney General’s office.

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