Cyber Risks Report 2022

Cyber Risks Report 2022

REPORT • Nov 2021

This report offers key knowledge for any organisation wanting to protect their workforce against cyber security risk, from new and emerging threats, whilst operating in today’s changing working environment.

Key Points

The coronavirus pandemic shook the world in 2020 with the greatest test to business resilience in recent memory, forcing organisations to adapt to a new way of working throughout the pandemic.

Workers once shielded from cyber security threats by their corporate security strategies, now find themselves in a more vulnerable position by working from home, with many ‘bring your own devices’ (BYOD) and without work colleagues or a team around them sharing new information about the latest threats.

With a surge in both the number of cyber attacks and the rising average cost of a data breach, it is not surprising that cyber security risk is one of the top concerns among CEO’s.

This report outlines the key cyber security threats which organisations should take action against in 2022, including;

  • How best to protect your organisation when working on BYOD
  • Advanced ransomware and how best to prevent an attack
  • An overview of disaster recovery from advanced ransomware
  • Phishing prevention
  • Zero day attacks


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