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2023 Nigerian Elections:
An Electoral Overview

February 2023

Ahead of this weekend’s presidential elections in Nigeria, and the state elections on 11 March,  our Intelligence Team has been reviewing the possible outcomes and potential ripple effects of the results.

Situation Summary

Nigeria will hold general elections on 25 February, which will see voters choose a new president and vice-president, and elect members to the Senate and the House of Representatives. Alongside this, governorship and state elections will take place on 11 March.

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, and it is also the continent’s largest economy. As such, the country exerts influence across the continent and particularly the West Africa region, so these elections are highly significant.

Key Points:

  • Summary of elections ahead
  • Key issues for voters
  • Candidate popularity
  • The varying mood of the nation
  • Vote forecasting
  • The economic impact

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