Log4J Critical Cyber Security Vulnerability Recommendations

Solace Cyber advises of a new and highly critical cyber security vulnerability, Log4J

Solace Cyber have shared an advisory detailing what Log4J is and what action should be taken by organisations. Read More.

Log4J is a zero-day exploit, which gives attackers access through a back door within the java library, allowing unauthenticated users to implement malicious code in your system, which could bring your digital ecosystem to a halt. The library is widely adopted and used in many commercial and open-source software products as a logging framework for Java – meaning it is likely your system will need patching against the vulnerability.

This vulnerability is being widely exploited in the wild and has a critical security rating. We urge organisations to scan all external internet-facing systems as a priority to identify which systems require immediate action.

Our specialist cyber security team can assist with the remediation of vulnerabilities and help protect your digital systems over the coming weeks.

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