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Solace Global in-house intelligence division monitor global events 24/7; analysing all manner of risks ranging from political and civil unrest to health and environmental warnings. Our tactical analysts produce situational reports, travel advisories, security briefings and special reports in response to global incidents – see our News & Reports page for recent examples.

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These digestible risk reports provide essential reading for anyone managing travelling personnel, responsible for risk or a global workforce. If you wish to receive these reports direct to your email, simply join our intelligence mailing list to receive the reports free of charge as soon as they are released. To join our mailing list simply email risk@localhost with your details and we’ll reply with confirmation. Alternatively call +44 (0)1202 795801 to discuss.  

Bespoke intelligence

Our intelligence team also produce bespoke reports upon client request, typical examples include assessment of risk levels for specific city, country, port, event, operation, or journey. Analysis will highlight key threats and provide recommendations to help reduce these threats. Bespoke and client specific reports include:
  • Protective Security Surveys on Assets and Facilities
  • Country/Destination/Journey Specific Risk Assessment
  • Due Diligence

Additional reports

Solace Global intelligence analysts also produce weekly and monthly reports that as well as inform, are used as planning tools by our clients they highlight when an event is taking place and any risks posed. These reports include:
  • Global Election Review provides a comprehensive understanding of the political and geopolitical environment and the potential and actual impact of each election. The report will review the scheduled elections for that given year and where known, beyond. As well as future assessments, the report will analyse all previous successful election results and their implications.
  • Weekly Risk Report is a bite-size analysis on the week’s headlines from around the world, as well as a look to the week ahead, summarising the risks and providing travel and security advice. The report also highlights significant dates and events.
  These risk reports summarise global events in an easy to read format and can be subscribed to separately and will incur an annual fee – we currently have discounted rates available so please enquire at risk@localhost. (Please note our clients subscribed to Solace Secure will continue to receive these intelligence reports with no additional charge to their subscription).   To join our intelligence mailing list email risk@localhost  


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