Solace Global – Weekly Risk Roundup – Week 26

Headlines From This Week 

  • Possible Assassination Attempts in Africa – On 23 June, two possible assassination attempts occurred in African nations. In the morning, two people were killed and dozens more injured at a rally held by Ethiopia’s reformist prime minister Abiy Ahmed in the capital Addis Ababa. In the afternoon, an explosion occurred at a rally in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, where President Mnangagwa had spoken. The president has accused a group with links to the former first lady, Grace Mugabe, for the attack which killed two and injured many more.
  • Ceasefire in South Sudan – South Sudan President Salva Kiir and his rival Riek Machar have agreed to a “permanent” ceasefire, which is due to take place within 72 hours of the agreement of the deal on 27 June. While both leaders have vowed that this ceasefire would be permanent, other such agreements have been broken. This agreement does form a foundation on which to build a lasting peace in the war-torn country.
  • Vietnam Flooding – Floods and landslides in northern Vietnam have left at least 22 dead and 11 more missing. Lai Chau and Ha Giang are the hardest hit provinces. Millions of dollars of damage have been reported. While rescue efforts are underway, access to many of the worst hit areas has been cut off.
  • Protests in Tehran – Iran’s capital has been beset by unrest this week over a dramatic depreciation in the value of the country’s currency, the rial. At one point, protesters shut down Tehran’s Grand Bazaar, an economic centre and a place which gained notoriety in the 1979 revolution. Economic and labour protests are likely to continue or intensify as the reinstatement of US-led sanctions takes hold.
  • Herders in Nigeria Conduct Further Attacks – At least 86 people were confirmed dead after clashes between nomadic Fulani herdsmen and villagers in Nigeria’s Plateau State. In response to the violence, a curfew has been implemented between 1800 and 0600hrs local time in the state. Issues related to overpopulation, ethnicities, religion, and climate change have contributed to the conflict. The death toll from herdsmen attacks since 2015 has exceeded those inflicted by the Islamist terror group Boko Haram for the same period.
  • Mass Shooting in Maryland, USA – The 154th mass shooting in the United States this year took place on 28 June at the Capital Gazette newspaper headquarters in Annapolis, Maryland, in an attack which killed five people. The attacker was subsequently arrested and is alleged to be an individual with a personal grievance with the newspaper; police are yet to confirm this. In the aftermath of the attack, the New York Police Department deployed a counterterrorism team to protect media outlets including the New York Times.

What To Look Out For Next Week

  • Continued Protests in Nicaragua – Activists are set to rally in Managua on 30 June in opposition to what they see as repressive government policies – at least 285 have been killed, 1500 injured, and 156 reported missing in more than two months of protests. The protest is set to begin in morning hours, with thousands expected to attend. While it is intended to be peaceful, clashes with security forces are possible, meaning that all gatherings should be avoided. Activists have also accused the government of using paramilitary groups to help carry out its repressive measures.
  •  Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day – 01 July marks the transfer of Hong Kong from British to Chinese control on the same date in 1997. It is common for this day to be met with protests by civil and human rights groups demanding universal suffrage and other democratic norms. Clashes and disruption are possible this year as activists will march from Victoria Park’s football pitches, then head down Hennessy Road towards Admiralty. Authorities in the Chinese territory had previously ordered that the protest takes place at Victoria Park’s Central Lawn.
  •  Wimbledon Tennis Tournament Begins – The annual Wimbledon tennis championship begins on 02 July ending on 15 July. Security is set to be at its highest level ever in 2018, with staff trained in ‘behaviour detection’. Armed police officers will patrol the All England Club, and thorough searches will take place at all gates. Those attending the event should allow plenty of time to pass through security checks.
  •  Pamplona Bull Run – The Festival of San Fermin, known by many as the Pamplona Bull Run, takes place between 06 and 13 July 2018. In the 2017 event, five men, known as the “wolfpack”, were accused of raping an 18-year-old woman but were only convicted of sexual abuse. The ruling, and the subsequent release of the men, was met by significant unrest. The 2018 event is likely to be met with protests in locations across the country including in Pamplona; demonstrations by animal rights activists are possible too.
  •  Le Tour de France Begins – The most prestigious annual cycling event, the Tour de France, begins on 07 July in Noirmoutier-en-L’île. The 105th edition of the event will finish on Paris’s Champs-Elysees on 29 July after 21 days of racing. Unusually, all stages of the race will occur in France, minus a 15km entry into Spain during a day in the Pyrenees. The event often leads to road closures and travellers can expect enhanced security measures, especially at the final stage in Paris.

Significant Dates and Events

  • 25 June to 02 July – Mauritania – African Union summit in Nouakchott
  • 29 June to 01 July – Austria – Formula One Grand Prix
  • 30 June – Norway – Oslo Pride parade
  • 30 June – DR Congo – Independence Day
  • 30 June – Sudan – Revolution Day
  • 30 June – Seychelles – Independence Day
  • 30 June – Ecuador – LGBT Pride Parade
  • 01 July – Hong Kong – HKSAR Day and Pro-democracy rally
  • 01 July – Mexico – General Election
  • 01 July – Russia – Protests planned nationwide
  • 01 July – China – Chinese Communist Party founding day
  • 01 July – Canada – Canada Day
  • 01 July – Ghana – Republic Day
  • 01 July – Rwanda – Independence Day
  • 01 July – Somalia – Independence Day
  • 01 July – Turkey – LGBT Pride Parade in Istanbul
  • 02 – 03 July – Zambia – Heroes’ Day followed by Unity Day
  • 03 July – Belarus – Independence Day
  • 04 July – Rwanda – Liberation Day
  • 05 July – Algeria – Independence Day
  • 05 July – Armenia – Constitution Day
  • 05 July – Venezuela – Independence Day
  • 05 July – Czech Republic/Slovakia – Saints Cyril and Methodius’ Day
  • 06 July – Comoros – Independence/National Day
  • 06 July – Lithuania – Statehood Day
  • 06 July – Malawi – Independence Day
  • 07 July – Cote d’Ivoire – Independence Day
  • 07 July – Tanzania – Saba Saba Day
  • 07 July – Spain – Madrid metro workers plan to strike
  • 07 July – United Kingdom – Far-right group plan rally in Leeds
  • 07 July – South Korea – Pro-Choice rally in Seoul
Click the following link to download this report as a PDF:  Weekly Risk Roundup – Week 26 The Weekly Risk Roundup highlights significant events from the last week and what to look out for next week. Week 26 Weekly Risk Roundup was compiled by Solace Global’s in-house intelligence team.