Solace Global – Weekly Risk Roundup – Week 22

Headlines From This Week 

  • Terror in Belgium – Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a terror attack which left two police officers and a bystander dead in the Belgian city of Liege on 29 May. The attacker was reportedly radicalised in prison, from where he had been temporarily released on 28 May.
  • Armed Attack in Saudi Arabia – A police officer was killed by two assailants who then stole his weapons in the Saudi Arabian city of Taif on 31 May. The assailants subsequently attacked a National Guard facility, injuring several. One of the attackers was wounded and arrested, while the other escaped.
  • First Storm of Atlantic Hurricane Season – Tropical Storm Alberto, the first storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, made landfall in the Caribbean and the United States this week. At least eight people were killed including four in Cuba and four in North Carolina, USA. Flooding conditions have been reported across the United States in Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, the Carolinas, West Virginia and Illinois. Four North Carolina Dams are close to rupturing and are being assessed by state authorities.
  • Brazil Strikes – Brazil has been beset by strikes over the past two weeks which have caused significant disruption. Truck drivers began their strike on 20 May and were joined by oil workers on 30 June. The strikes and related protests led to a significantly reduced supply of fuel, food, and essential items nationwide, as well as significant travel disruption. The economy, still emerging from a devastating recession, is set to be hard hit by these strikes.
  • Government Formed in Italy – Months after inconclusive election results, a government has been formed in Italy. The government will be led by the independent Giuseppe Conte with ministries headed by officials from the Five Star Movement and the League, both are populist, Eurosceptic parties. There are fears of what this could mean for the EU as Italy is the bloc’s fourth largest economy.
  • Jihadist Attack in Mozambique – At least 10 people have been beheaded by Islamic militants in the northern Mozambique region of Cabo Delgado. The attack, which took place on 29 May, appears to have targeted those involved in extractive industries. Islamists groups have conducted sporadic attacks over the past year.
  • Political Change in Spain – Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of the People’s Party lost a vote of no-confidence on 01 June brought about after corruption allegations. He has been replaced by Socialist Party leader Pedro Sanchez, but political instability remains as no party has a majority in parliament.

What To Look Out For Next Week

  • Tiananmen Square Commemorations – Activists are set to gather in Taipei, Hong Kong, and other locations on 04 June to commemorate 29 years since protesters in Tiananmen Square, Beijing were brutally crushed by Chinese security forces. Chinese censors and authorities are kept on alert for any signs of commemorations; expect higher than usual levels of security within the vicinity of Tiananmen Square.
  • G7 Summit – Charlevoix, Canada plays host to the 44th Summit of the Group of Seven (G7) nations on 08-09 June 2018. Disruption is probable and serious unrest possible due to planned protests. All heads of state/government of the G7 nations are set to attend, as well as EU leaders and especially invited guests.
  • Naksa and International Quds Day – 05 June marks the “day of the setback” or Naksa which commemorates the displacement of Palestinians after Israel’s victory in 1967 Six-Day War. Clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters are common on this day and all border regions should be avoided. International Quds day, a day of solidarity with the Palestinian people, takes place on 08 June. Rallies should be expected around the world in the days surrounding this date.
  • Peru Strike – Truck and coach drivers are set to strike in Peru from 05 June after talks between unions and the government broke down. The strike does not have an end date at this time. Travellers are advised to take the necessary provisions for travel and ensure that they have plenty of non-perishable food prepared as any strike may make the availability of foodstuffs limited.
  • Madrid Metro Strikes – After striking on 01 June, Madrid metro workers have announced plans to strike on 04, 08, and 15 June. The strikes will all begin at 06:05 to last until 10:15 and then restart at 13:20 and finish at 21:30. A minimum of 69 per cent of services will be running on the morning strike and 55 percent on the afternoon strike. Travellers should note there is the potential for protests alongside the strikes.
  • New York Gun Control March – Saturday 02 June is anticipated to see large numbers of demonstrators rallying in support of further gun control measures following a recent series of school shootings, and inaction from state and federal legislators. The protestors have announced their intent to rally at the Korean War Veterans’ Memorial in Brooklyn, before moving to Foley Square in Manhattan. Gun control remains an emotive topic across the United States, and the event may attract counter-protests from pro-Second Amendment groups. Violence remains unlikely, but some disruption should be anticipated.

 Significant Dates and Events

  • 02 June – Brunei – Nuzul Al-Quran
  • 02 June – Macedonia (FYROM) – Opposition plan protest in Skopje
  • 02 June – Sweden – Stockholm Marathon
  • 02 June – Mali – Opposition rally in Bamako
  • 02 June – Spain – Pro-Spanish language group to protest in Valencia
  • 02 June – United Kingdom – Marriage equality march in Belfast
  • 02 June – Israel – Anti-Netanyahu rally in Tel Aviv
  • 02 June – United States – Rally for hurricane victims in New York City
  • 02 June – Italy – Republic Day
  • 02 June – Jordan – Protest planned over income tax law
  • 03 June – Uganda – Martyrs’ Day
  • 03 June – Slovenia – Legislative Elections
  • 04 June Mexico – Teaching union to launch indefinite strike
  • 4-5 June – Bolivia – University strike, El Alto
  • 05 June – France – Activists plan rally against the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
  • 05 June – Zimbabwe – Opposition plans nationwide protest
  • 06 June – Chile – Student march planned in Santiago
  • 06 June – Iran – Martyrdom of Imam Ali
  • 08 June – France – RATP workers plan rally in Paris
  • 09 June – Uganda – National Heroes Day
  • 10 June – Congo – Reconciliation Day
  • 10 June – Portugal – National Day
  • 11-12 June – Bangladesh – Night of Destiny (national holiday)
  • 11 June – Colombia – Sacred Heart (national holiday)
  • 11 June – Russia – National Day
  • 12 June – Philippines – Independence Day
  • 12-13 June – Portugal – Rail workers’ strike
  • 13 June – South Korea – Local elections
  • 14 June – Eid al-Fitr – National holiday in many Muslim-majority countries.
Click the following link to download this report as a PDF:  Weekly Risk Roundup – Week 22 The Weekly Risk Roundup highlights significant events from the last week and what to look out for next week. Week 21 Weekly Risk Roundup was compiled by Solace Global’s in-house intelligence team.