Week 09 – Maritime Security Weekly Snapshot

Gulf of Guinea – Maritime Security Incidents

06 Mar 18: Vessel Attacked near Bonny Island, Nigeria. A merchant vessel underway at 04°04’N 006°56’E was attacked by two speedboats carrying armed attackers. The vessel was damaged by gunfire. No reports regarding crew status were released. 01 Mar 18: Suspicious Approach South-East of Takoradi, Ghana. A cargo vessel underway at 04°31’N 001°21’E was approached by two speedboats, with six and three persons onboard respectively. The cargo vessel increased speed and altered course, causing the speedboats to abort their pursuit.

Indian Ocean – Maritime Security Incidents

01 Mar 18: Suspicious Approach in Bab-el-Mandeb. A merchant vessel was approached by four skiffs which closed to within 0.5nm at 13°05’N 043°05’E. Ladders potentially spotted.

South East Asia – Maritime Security Incidents

06 Mar 18: State of Emergency Declared in Sri Lanka. A spate of ethnically motivated unrest in Kandy led to the Sri Lankan government imposing a nationwide state of emergency.  Initial plans call for troops to be deployed in potential hotspots for a period of up to ten days. 03 Mar 18: Vessel boarded in Tanjung Priok, Indonesia. Two robbers were seen aboard the aft deck of a vessel anchored at 06°02’S, 106°53’E. Crew were alerted and the robbers fled empty handed. 10 Feb 18: (Late report) Attempted boarding, Kolkota, India. Crew aboard a bulk carrier at 22°11’N, 88°09’E, in Diamond Harbour, Kolkota,  detected three persons attempting to climb the anchor from a small boat. Crew members raised the alarm and the attackers fled.
Click link to Download PDF:  Solace Global Maritime Security Snapshot – Week 09 A roundup of maritime security incidents – an easy to read format collating suspicious approaches, vessel attacks, boardings, hijacks and media reports. The week 09 Maritime Security Snapshot was compiled by Solace Global’s in-house intelligence team.