Week 07 – Maritime Security Weekly Snapshot

Gulf of Guinea – Maritime Security Incidents

19 Feb 18: Vessel Attacked South of Brass, Nigeria. A merchant vessel came under attack at 04°020’N, 06°46’E, approximately 20nm south of Brass. Vessel and crew reported safe. 17 Feb 18: Vessel Attacked on Cotonou Anchorage. A vessel was boarded by three armed men at 03°43N, 07°06E, Cotonou anchorage, Benin. The crew withdrew to the citadel. Navy patrol vessels investigated and confirmed the vessel was clear. Some damage due to gunfire was reported to the ship’s office and ship’s properties. 15 Feb 18: Vessel Fired Upon South of Bonny Island. Two speedboats carrying eight armed persons attacked a merchant vessel at 03°43’N, 07°06’E. The vessel took evasive action and an escort vessel exchanged fire with the attackers, forcing them to withdraw. 13 Feb 18: Theft of Stores from Vessel in Ango-Ango, DR Congo. One robber boarded a vessel at 05°50’06N ,13°26’06E. The thief escaped with rope, a buoy, and a hand-held radio once the alarm was raised. 02 Feb 18: Stores Stolen from Takoradi Anchorage, Ghana. Two men boarded a supply ship from a small boat at 04°54’04N, 01°43’01. When spotted, they fled with a number of heavy-duty batteries.

Indian Ocean – Maritime Security Incidents

18 Feb 18: Suspicious Approach near Point B, IRTC. A merchant vessel reported a suspicious approach at 13°59’2N, 51°40’1E near Point B in the Internationally Recognised Transit Corridor. The suspicious skiffs withdrew with no aggressive action reported.

South East Asia – Maritime Security Incidents

16 Feb 18: Merchant Vessel Attacked near Sibago Island. Armed men on three speedboats attempted to board a merchant vessel at 6°42’02”N, 122°26’33″E. Crew members reportedly used heated water and oil to repel the attackers as they sought to board. Coastguard vessels then forced the attackers to flee. Two crew suffered minor injuries.
Click link to Download PDF:  Solace Global Maritime Security Snapshot – Week 07 A roundup of maritime security incidents – an easy to read format collating suspicious approaches, vessel attacks, boardings, hijacks and media reports. The week 07 Maritime Security Snapshot was compiled by Solace Global’s in-house intelligence team.