Week 02 – Maritime Security Weekly Snapshot

Gulf of Guinea – Maritime Security Incidents

15 Jan 18: Attempted Boarding in Lagos Anchorage. A tanker anchored in location 06°18’05”N 03°23’61”E was conducting ship-to-ship operations when crew noticed robbers attempting to board the vessel. Search lights were directed at the boarders, and crew mustered. The robbers fled 13 Jan 18: Product Tanker Missing near Benin. A tanker has been reported missing with all 22 crew members. Last AIS reported location on 09 Jan at 06°11’51″N 02°28’11″E . 08 Jan 18: Attempted Cargo Theft near Lagos.  A tanker at anchor in position 06°19’00”N  03°20’00”E reported two robbers boarded the vessel and attempted to install hoses to steal cargo. Both robbers jumped overboard when challenged.

Indian Ocean – Maritime Security Incidents

02 Jan 18: Suspicious Approach in Bab el Mandeb Strait. An MV in location 12°13’00”N 043°29’10”E was approached by two small vessels with five persons aboard each with their faces obscured. Approach was aborted at approximately 500m.

South East Asia – Maritime Security Incidents

08 Jan 18: Attempted boarding in Samarinda Anchorage. Duty personnel spotted a number of persons trying to climb a bulk carrier’s anchor chain from a small boat at 0°16’15”S, 117°43’01”E. The robbers fled as the foghorn was sounded.
Click link to Download PDF: 20180115 – Solace Global Maritime Security Snapshot – Week 02 A roundup of maritime security incidents – an easy to read format collating suspicious approaches, vessel attacks, boardings, hijacks and media reports. The week 50 Maritime Security Snapshot was compiled by Solace Global’s in-house intelligence team.