Week 45 – Maritime Security Weekly Snapshot

Gulf of Guinea – Maritime Security Incidents

03 Nov 17: Suspicious Approach in Lome Anchorage, Togo. A merchant vessel was approached at 0030UTC by a boat containing seven masked persons, who attempted to board. A Togo Navy patrol vessel responded to MV’s distress call and the suspicious vessel moved away. MV and crew were unharmed. 03 Nov 17: Niger Delta Avengers End Ceasefire.. The Niger Delta Avengers, a militant group which caused substantial disruption to oil and gas facilities in 2016, announced the termination of its ceasefire with the Nigerian government. No attacks have yet occurred, but the group retains the capability and intent to conduct attacks in the region. 06 Nov 17: Kidnapped Missionaries Recovered. Three of four British missionaries and aid workers kidnapped from their camp in the Niger Delta were recovered unharmed by security forces. The fourth kidnap victim died in captivity. 08 Nov 17: Operation Crocodile Smile II Complete. The Nigerian Army declared Operation Crocodile Smile, an operation to dismantle militant and criminal groups in the south of the country and the Delta region, a success. Official reporting suggests that 46 illegal oil bunkers were located and destroyed, along with the associated equipment. The recent spike in pirate activity in the Gulf of Guinea may have been due to criminal groups relocating their activities whilst this operation was ongoing.  

Indian Ocean – Maritime Security Incidents

08 Nov 17: Two Skiffs Approached a Merchant Vessel in the Bab el Mandeb. A Merchant Vessel in position 1230N 04337E, near Mayyun Island, was approached by two skiffs with seven persons on board. The skiffs approached the MV at speed to within 100m before withdrawing. Vessel and crew were unharmed.  

South East Asia – Maritime Security Incidents

03 Nov 17: Supply Ship Boarded at Batu Ampar. Three armed men boarded a supply ship in Batu Ampar anchorage at 1909UTC. They threatened a crew member before fleeing. A search of the vessel established that they had escaped with ship’s stores. 03 Nov 17: Bulk Carrier Boarded in Muara Berau Anchorage, Indonesia. Two armed robbers boarded the vessel in approximate position 0°15’73S, 117°35’50E at 2050UTC. Duty AB was threatened, and attackers escaped with stolen ships properties when the alarm was raised.  
Click link to Download PDF: Solace Global Maritime Security Snapshot – Week 45 A roundup of maritime security incidents – an easy to read format collating suspicious approaches, vessel attacks, boardings, hijacks and media reports. Week 45 Maritime Security Snapshot is compiled by Solace Global’s in-house intelligence team.