Week 43 – Maritime Security Weekly Snapshot

Gulf of Guinea – Maritime Security Incidents

20 Oct 17: Vessel Attack 49nm Southeast of Brass, Nigeria. The vessel was attacked in approximate position 3°55’0N, 6°39’0E at 1834UTC. One black boat travelling around 25knots approached the vessel and fired shots. Embarked Navy team returned fire. The boat followed for 25 mins before moving away. 21 Oct 17: Vessel Attack 36nm Southwest of Bonny Island. The MV was attacked in approximate position 3°47’0N, 7°9’0 E at 0600UTC. Eight armed pirates boarded the vessel. Six crew members were kidnapped, including the Master and Chief Officer. 23 Oct 17: Supply Vessel Attacked off Bonny, Nigeria. The vessel was in approximate position 4°0’0N, 6°49’2E at 0955UTC. Fifteen pirates on two speed boats approached and opened fire. The pirates were reported to be armed with AK-47 rifles and a general purpose machine guns (GPMG). Armed security personnel onboard the Nigerian Navy escort vessel returned fire. Some pirates suffered injuries. The supply vessel and crew are safe. 25 Oct 17: Tanker Attacked Southwest of Bonny Island. The MV was attacked in approximate position 3°35’5N, 6°49’2E at 2005UTC, 52nm southwest. Two armed pirates boarded the vessel but the crew mustered in the citadel. The crew were reported safe

Indian Ocean – Maritime Security Incidents

24 Oct 17: Iranian Dhow Attacked 41nm Southeast of Socotra. Pirates are suspected of attacking the vessel in approximate position 11°50’0N, 54°35’0E at 0748UTC. Iranian coast guard requested assistance from the US Navy; three crew from the dhow were injured and treated by the US warship when it later arrived to the scene.

South East Asia – Maritime Security Incidents

23 Oct 17: ASEAN Defense Ministers Agree to Increase Counter-Terrorism Measures. In light of the announcement that Marawi has been liberated from Islamic extremist fighters, ministers reiterated their commitment to strengthening joint air and maritime patrols already in place to counter the threat of terrorism in their common maritime borders. 25 Oct 17: Tanker Boarded in Cilacap Anchorage, Indonesia. Four armed robbers boarded the vessel in approximate position 7°44’1S, 109°4’0E at 2020UTC. Duty crew noticed the robbers on the main deck. The alarm was raised and all crew mustered. The robbers escaped with stolen ships properties.
Click link to Download PDF: Solace Global Maritime Security Snapshot – Week 43 A roundup of maritime security incidents – an easy to read format collating suspicious approaches, vessel attacks, boardings, hijacks and media reports. Week 43 Maritime Security Snapshot is compiled by Solace Global’s in-house intelligence team.