Solace Cyber are dedicated to making enterprise-grade cybersecurity accessible to all, whether you’re a private client to a multi-national organisation. Our services deliver cost efficient, yet deeply technical, cybersecurity solutions with truly 24/7/365 UK based coverage.

Most offerings on the market consist of a set of rebranded turnkey products which only mitigate a small element of possible attack vectors. Solace Global Cyber is different, we will work with you to understand your entire cyber threat landscape identifying the biggest threats and working with you to create a flexible, streamlined cybersecurity service that integrates directly with your business that provides concrete, measurable security.

Our team has experience designing, implementing, and managing cybersecurity services for dozens of FTSE , government agencies, and SME businesses around the UK.

Protection from cyber-attacks is essential

Cyberattacks against individuals and companies are increasing at a rapid rate. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts cybercrime damages will cost the world £6 trillion annually by 2021, up from £3 trillion in 2015.

This means having a robust and comprehensive cybersecurity program is absolutely essential. Are your ready for a ransomware attack?

Cyber Security

A truly robust security service

Many companies assume they are secure because their IT services company provides an element of security products such as a firewall, or Antivirus software. However, this is far from the truth, threats evolve, organisations workflow & people change, critical company data is more dispersed than ever before.

Without a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, your company is at significant risk of a data breach, critical systems are being encrypted and sensitive data is being posted online. Modern ransomware cripples systems in minutes, strikes when you are at your weakest and actively targets backup and disaster recovery to significantly impede data recovery.

Most IT service companies simply do not have cyber risk expertise to fully understand and eliminate an active threat and do not have the skills necessary to rebuild systems at pace to minimise operational impact.

Cyber Security

At Solace Global Cyber, we focus on building a scalable security service that integrates with your organisation at every level without impacting critical business functions by hiring and training the best, including military trained cybersecurity professionals in the world.

Consider Solace Global Cyber if

  • You know you need more security, but don’t have the extra staff or capability to respond to Cyber incidents 24/7
  • You’ve struggled with security violations and incidents in the past.
  • You have complex compliance requirements that you are not sure are being met
  • You want to focus on your business without the fear of a breach or disruption
  • You overspent on ad-hoc cybersecurity solutions in the past, but didn’t see any value
  • You feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin with cybersecurity
Cyber Security

Our Cyber Security team

Solace Global Cyber is managed by a team of highly experienced, certified engineers who monitor, manage and respond to threats in real-time 24/7.

Our engineer’s design, implement, and secure network and system infrastructures, enabling rapid identification and remediation of issues. A dedicated UK based Security Operations Centre (SOC) is manned 24/7 and ensures both proactive and reactive services are managed round the clock. Active security events are correlated and prioritised based on threat intent seamlessly integrating into our into a single system threat are reviewed and eliminated to a defined service level agreement, while also serving as a point of contact action for any complex issues that may arise.

Chris Rodgers Head of Cyber Security

Chris is an expert in delivering leading Cyber Security services through the consultation, design, and implementation phases of the most complex and demanding customer requirements. With an extensive technical background working as a lead solutions consultant for a managed service provider, Chris has worked with hundreds of customers from SME to Enterprise. This experience has given Chris a unique opportunity to work in a variety of different sectors each with their own specific requirements. In addition Chris has encountered many different types of solutions from all leading Cyber Security Vendors.

Chris has worked for some of the most operationally demanding and stringent organisations in the UK where the highest level of Cyber security requirements must not impede systems uptime or operations delivery. These business include Airlines e-commerce, fresh food supply chain companies to all major super markets, top UK legal companies & also healthcare organisations.  Chris’s wealth of experience ensures that Cyber operations are delivered efficiently and professionally.

Our mission is to help you protect what matters most.

Moving to a Solace cyber security service will reduce your organisational risk from day one, provide world-class security to your critical IT infrastructure, and generate detailed reports so you can understand the security health & threat status.


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