Our mission

4 in 10 businesses reported a breach in the last 12 months. We have seen the devastation they can cause first hand and it’s the reason we started Solace Cyber.

Our mission is simple. Prevent breaches where possible and recover from them quickly where it isn’t. Cyber security isn’t complicated and we intend to prove it by making it more accessible than it has ever been before.

Do you have a cyber security incident response plan?

The first minutes and hours that follow a breach are crucial for damage limitation.

Having an incident response plan in place in advance is the best thing you can do to control that risk, particularly when you consider that most cyber insurance policies will not be able to provide a response for 72 hours.

Solace Cyber have recovered 1000’s of companies from cyber breaches.

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Do you understand your cyber security risk?

Cyber criminals. Ransomware. The Dark Web. It’s not surprising that cyber security risk consistently tops CEO’s list of concerns.

Determining your starting position is the first step to controlling cyber risk in a meaningful way. Only then can you begin to formulate an action plan to control the risks you uncover.

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Protecting against cyber risk

Now you have an incident response plan and understand your risk profile, it’s time to put in place pro-active measures to protect your business.

There is no out of the box silver bullet here, just measured responses to mitigate risk where it’s economical to do so and a method of monitoring for and detecting breaches as they happen, so you can respond to them.

Our real-time risk management platform combines threat indicators from multiple systems and vendors and allows you to understand your risk as it changes over time.

It gives you the knowledge and power to respond to and deal with threats before they put your business at risk.

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