Risk Management for Yamaha Racing

Combined cyber security and travel risk management for global racing team

Yamaha racing team has had a longstanding relationship with a number of key individuals at Solace Global that goes back over a decade. By taking a combined approach to their travel risk, IT and cyber security operations, Yamaha is able to focus on what matters most – winning superbike races.

From the nature of having a high profile brand and travelling to multiple destinations, global threats and cyber security risks are a continual threat. By building a trusted relationship with key stakeholders, we keep data secure and ensure racing operations remain uninterrupted at all times.

Yamaha has had a fantastic start to the season and we are excited to follow their progress in the WorldSBK series.

“I’ve known many of the Solace Cyber team for over a decade. They have always delivered services to Yamaha with absolute integrity, not to mention with complete professionalism. We are proud to have them as a team sponsor and would happily provide a reference to anyone from their commitment to keeping our organisation secure”

Paul DenningTeam Principle
Yamaha team racing winner
Why did you choose Solace Global over other risk management companies?

Historic trust in the key individuals running the operation, we’d never look elsewhere. We’re also pleased to be working with Solace Global Risk to support our travel risk management procedures for our teams operating within global race events.

What’s the biggest problem that Solace Global helps you overcome?

Peace of mind is crucial for us. Knowing that our travel risk, IT and cyber security is in safe hands gives us the capacity to focus solely on the operations behind racing. We’ve never had a major problem with their team looking after us – long may this continue.

What has changed for you/your organisation since using our services?

Our cyber security posture and threat visibility has increased ten-fold. Understanding what potential weaknesses are visible to hackers and the severity of the cyber threat landscape has been an important part of our growth.

Solace Cyber meets the UK’s highest cyber security standards, offering first-class incident response support and recovery.

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