Solace Global Maritime Support IFA2 Interconnector Project

Project Overview

IFA-2 (Interconnexion France-Angleterre 2) is a subsea interconnector, spanning the English Channel between France and the United Kingdom. Solace Global Maritime were tasked with identifying shortcomings in the incumbent’s security strategy, using an embedded consultant, before deploying assets to ensure continued protection of subsea assets.

The Challenge: Identifying Security Strategy Shortcomings

The client required a comprehensive assessment of the security strategy provided to them, in order to reduce risk and vulnerabilities to the interconnector. The incumbent’s security measures were examined, and it became evident to Solace that enhancements were necessary to safeguard the project.

Solace Global Maritime’s Involvement

As an integral part of our assessment and recommendations for the client’s offshore risk management plan, we deployed a guard vessel to provide enhanced protection. We worked with other project stakeholders to devise and implement more effective response procedures. This ensured a rapid and coordinated reaction to any emerging threats.


Our embedded consultancy proved instrumental in bolstering the security and risk management capabilities of the IFA-2 subsea electrical interconnector project. By identifying shortcomings, deploying a guard vessel, and implementing improved response procedures, the project continued without further incident.

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