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View a travel risk map of the world with risk ratings. Read individual country reports and examples of our recent travel risk management operations

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Aerospace & Defence

Area of Expertise

Expert services anywhere in the world, from the training of international emergency services to the setting up of operational centres.


Area of Expertise

Trusted and comprehensive security, crisis management, and response services to suit all businesses, from global corporations to small enterprise.

Charities & NGOs

Area of Expertise

Committed to setting the highest standards of compliance, regulation and local social responsibility.

Family & Executive Protection

Area of Expertise

Approved security provider for global corporate organisations, associated VIPs and family members, royalty, family offices and individuals of high net worth.


Area of Expertise

Providing risk management and security services to some of the UK’s largest insurance companies.

Maritime Security

Area of Expertise

Providing an extensive range of specialist security services to our maritime clients.

Media Security

Area of Expertise

Training, protection and response for media professionals visiting remote, challenging & high risk environments.

Oil & Gas Risk Management

Area of Expertise

Enabling the exploration, development and sustainment of operations in frontier regions of the world.


Area of Expertise

Helping universities, colleges and schools address the risks associated with global secondments and trips, avoid dangers and assisting them in an emergency.

Travel Risk Management

Our Solutions

Pre-travel planning

Expert advice on where you are going – help your personnel understand the threats, cultural sensitivities, vaccinations and precautions necessary to have a safe and successful trip. Our team can plan and journey manage your trip wherever you go in the world.

Intelligence, due diligence & risk assessments

Our intelligence division produces travel advisories and intelligence alerts, together with client-specific country risks, journey itinerary and major event reporting.

Ongoing advice:

Anytime you need further information or advice, you can contact our 24/7 centre for a verbal briefing.


Whether situational awareness, travel safety training, basic medical or kidnap and ransom response; our courses can be tailored to client destinations, risk and requirements and can be run face to face, via webinar or online e-learning courses.


Receive real-time alerts direct to phone or desktop, review global incidents before and during a trip, and monitor threats in relation to where you or your personnel are (with geo-fencing, check-in and SOS functionality).


The Solace team can also pro-actively monitor your personnel and assets for you, and respond to vicinity risks or incidents.

Journey management & travel security

From ‘meet and greet’ services and in-country close protection security, to embedded security or medical consultants; we offer a full suite of services to keep your people and assets safe.

24/7 emergency response

Whether crisis management for a natural disaster, response to a kidnap and ransom, secure evacuation during a coup, or a global medevac after a serious incident – we will respond to your needs at any time of the day, anywhere in the world.

Our in house expertise come hand-in-hand with a global network of certified specialists. Solace Global also offer a single security and medical response service, with the in-house skills to advise and react appropriately.

Revolution in China: Explaining Recent Political Developments

Revolution in China: Explaining Recent Political Developments

REPORT • Mar 2018

From 05 March to at least 20 March, China will hold the First Session of the 13th National People’s Congress in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China. The session acts like an opening of Parliament or State of the Union in some respects. At the Congress, individuals are elected to major state positions, but no significant changes are expected to the highest echelons in the party nor government. The session also sets federal budgets. China’s military budget, for example, has risen eight per cent to the equivalent of US$175bn. The Congress will consider recommendations made by the Chinese Communist Party regarding constitutional amendments for the first time since 2004. These will include writing “scientific outlook on development” and “Xi Jinping Thought” into the Constitution’s Preamble. Most notably, the Congress looks set to remove from the constitution the requirement that a President and Vice-President serve no more than two consecutive terms, with a vote to occur on 11 March.

Trusted Worldwide

Our Clients

Global Technology Corporation

We have developed a solid relationship with Solace Global. They have met all our operational requirements, in line with our expectations and beyond. We are a challenging client. We frequently have short notice deployments with last minute changes to itineraries (last minute = “they are arriving in 4hrs”). Solace have always met our needs; responding positively and quickly to feedback. We have open, clear and responsive communications channels 24/7, 365. Solace Global are central to our security program.

Global Tanker Owners

We have been working with Solace Global for approximately 18 months, where they provide Maritime Security Officers for our Indian Ocean transits. The professionalism, dedication and assistance of their security teams to our Masters and Crew have fulfilled our expectations. Their attention to detail and associated services such as intelligence reporting have also been a major factor in our successful partnership. We would not hesitate in recommending their services to any potential client and we look forward to a continued relationship.

Worldwide Cruise Operator

I have used the services of Solace Global for many years. The personnel Solace have supplied to our ships over those years have without exception been first rate. Their professionalism, dedication and assistance to Masters has been beyond reproach and they have quickly assimilated themselves into the crews as respected and professional individuals. When their security duties allow, they have supplemented our expedition teams in acting as Zodiac Drivers and shoremen in support of the Zodiac operation.