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Travel Risks Caused by Earthquake in Aegean Sea

Travel Risks Caused by Earthquake in Aegean Sea

REPORT • Jul 2017

Environmental: A magnitude 6.5 earthquake has struck between the island of Kos (Greece) and the coast city of Bodrum (Turkey) in the Aegean Sea, both major tourist destinations. The earthquake struck at 36.949°N, 27.458°E at 2231UTC on 20 July 2017, with a depth of just under 10km. The two deaths which occurred as a result of this earthquake, did so on the Greek island of Kos; one Swede and one Turk. Around 115 people were also injured on Kos, 13 seriously, one critically so. The two victims died when the ceiling of the bar that they were in collapsed. Other damage has occurred, including at the port of Kos. The Turkish health minister has stated that 358 people were injured in the Turkish resort town of Bodrum, with 272 of those taken to hospital in ambulances; while 25 have remained in hospital at the time of writing. No life-threatening injuries have been reported. Many of the injuries which have occurred are due to the panic caused by the earthquake rather than the effects of the earthquake itself, with reported incidents of holidaymakers jumping from buildings, for example.

Future Risks Stemming from Insurgency in Marawi, Mindanao

Future Risks Stemming from Insurgency in Marawi, Mindanao

REPORT • Jul 2017

Martial law was originally declared for the island of Mindanao on 24 May 2017, for an initial period of 60 days. The move came after heavy clashes between insurgents and the military in Marawi City on Mindanao. President Duterte wants to extend martial law until the end of 2017.

The Ongoing Decline of South Sudan – Security and Travel Risks

The Ongoing Decline of South Sudan – Security and Travel Risks

REPORT • Jul 2017

A state of emergency was declared in four north western states of South Sudan on 17 July 2017. Clashes have been reported in Gogrial state, with unrest in parts of Tonj, Wau and Awiel East states. Critics have claimed the state of emergency is an attempt by President Salva Kiir to further repress the opposition.

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