App Technology

The Solace Secure app allows users to:

  • Check-in – allows users to share their location through their smartphone to pre-designated user groups and staff and to confirm you have arrived safely at your destination
  • SOS functionality – alert fellow travellers, security managers and the Solace response team that you are in trouble. Pressing the SOS pinpoints you on the map and continues to track you until the SOS is switched off. Automated emails go to the designated personnel and can be followed up immediately by Solace
  • Location tracking at a time period of your choosing
  • Interactive map populated with active worldwide alerts including advice, link to sources, media attachments and more
  • Notifications if an alert occurs nearby your location or if you’re due to check in
  • Call the Solace response service directly from the app
  • Plot locations of importance (e.g. hotels, airports, etc) to compare alongside recent alerts
  • GPS tracking of vessels/people/assets with their position regularly updated on the map
  • Access to Solace Country Reports
  • Chronologically ordered alert feed
  • Filter alerts, locations, and tracked vessels/vehicles/assets on the map according to your preferences
  • Define an alert radius to only show alerts on the map which are within this radius
  • Calculate your current distance away from alerts and locations individually
  • Customise the app to your colour theme and logo
  • Colour coordinated alerts depending on risk severity and icons representing alert categories
  • Schedule a check-in reminder
  • Raise an alert – as events unfold, make colleagues aware of the latest developments by raising your own alert direct from your smartphone handset
  • See recent alerts in relation to current location